*RECRUITMENT* Chinese Teaching Assistant

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Hokkaido Univ. Centre for Language Learning is currently recruiting  Teaching Assistant for Chinese language class.  TA’s expected task is assistance during class particularly for Chinese pronunciation, reading-out, group lesson, teaching material preparation and support for audio/visual equipments.  If you are interested in and qualified for this, please refer to the flier (written in Japanese only) and submit a completed TA application form to Assoc. Prof. Maki IIDA via e-mail.


A Teaching Assistant for Chinese language class


Domestic/oversea students in Graduate Schools

1.) who can speak common Chinese in general pronunciation,

2.) who can read the modern Chinese phonetic transcription ‘Pinyin’ properly,

3.) who can speak out clearly and communicate with students well and positively,

4.) who can handle equipment at CALL room(s),

5.) who can obtain consent for this application from supervisors,

and 6.) who can attend the TA workshop planned in next April.

*If you are int’l students, you need to have 資格外活動許可 (Permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted) from Immigration Bureau.


Approximately 1,200 JPY/hour for Master’s students

& 1,400 JPY/hour for Doctoral students


Document screening and interview (scheduled in mid-Jan. 2015)


17.00 on Mon. 22 Dec. 2014




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