Terry Fox Run in Sapporo 2014

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Hokkaido Terry Fox Run Committee has announced the recruitment of runners who participate in this year’s Terry Fox Run in Sapporo.  This annual non-competitive charity event started originally in Canada in 1980 in remembrance of the runner who passed away for cancer in 1979, and spread around the world as a charity run for cancer research.  The event reached Sapporo in 2004, and the second one was held here in the following year.  The committee would like to promote this event to people in Hokkaido where there are over 25 sister cities of Canadian ones by attending this event.

The run itself is informal, and therefore the distances are set between 3 and 10 kilometres, while the participation fee is not set but asking for donation in the amount decided by the participants.  Further details can be found here: Terry Fox Run 2014


9.00-9.45 am for registration & 10.00 am for start

Sat. 18 Oct. 2014


Horohirabashi – Toyohira Riverside Trail


3, 5 or 10 km


No participation fee but donation in free-amount is requested


150 runners/walkers


E-mailing/faxing Terry Fox Run 2014 Application Form or submitting application online


Thurs. 16 Oct. 2014


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