1st International Doctoral Symposium in Structural and Hydraulic Engineering

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Dear Faculty Member of Engineering Faculty,

We, the organizer of the “1st International Doctoral Symposium in Structural and Hydraulic Engineering” which is jointly organized by students from e3 and the Japanese program, and Dr. Werawan, would like to invite you for attending this symposium which will be held on 7-8 February 2013. This is a first time project, where doctoral students from our faculty and overseas partner universities will hold presentations about their on going researches. Keynote lectures will be given by Prof. Ueda, Prof. Shimizu and Mr. Kamiya, who is the Senior Executive Officer Chief Representative of AGC Group of China. Herewith the information about the venue and time of the symposium :

Date: February 7th and 8th, 2013
Venue: Graduate School of Engineering
Language: English

Please kindly refer to the following links for :

– Poster of keynote lecturers:

– Abstract of keynote lecturers :
Mr. Kamiya http://goo.gl/iFHmN
Prof. Shimizu http://goo.gl/RJyWI
Prof. Ueda http://goo.gl/TIlY9

Further details on the symposium such as abstracts of keynote speakers can be found on the following website :

If you are interested to attend the keynote speech, please kindly confirm your attendance to our official mailing address :
eng.hokudai.symposium@gmail.com by 4th February 2013.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Best regards,

The International Doctoral Symposium in Structural and Hydraulic Engineering
Organizing Committee

Adriano C de Lima, D2
Toshiki Iwasaki, D3
Ahmed Mohamed Abd Elrazek Ibrahim, D1
Tidarut Jirawattanasomkul, D3
Kim Hyung Suk, D2
Hiroki Sakuraba, D3
Justin Shrestha, D1
Evdon L Sicat, D2
Intan Supraba, D1
Megumi Tazawa, M2
Veratat Thamrnogdullapark, M2
Hiroe Yamamura, D3


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