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Eco Process Features

Welcome to Laboratory of Eco-Processing.
This page provides an overview of the features of Eco Process Lab.
For details about specific research themes, see the Research Themes page.

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Large- and Small-Scale Approaches

Eco Process Lab. focuses on various approaches, large and small, that contribute to preserving the natural ecology. These range from the development of a process to deal with huge volumes of CO2 generated by steel manufacturers to the development of materials that have beautifully ordered structures on the nano-scale.


In the Applied Materials Engineering Course (for majors in materials sciences) at our university, only Eco Process Lab. is researching the reduction of oxides.
Eco Process Lab. has a background as a laboratory specializing in the study of smelting processes. Our graduates assume important roles in both steel and non-ferrous metal processing industries.

Using solar power to generate electricity

We want to discover new ways of generating power that contribute to protecting the natural ecology.
Eco Process Lab. is applying technologies used in thermal power generation to solar power generation. We are exploring applications of solar power generation involving integrated processes, such as analyzing the energy flow on a module, optimizing element combinations, and developing light concentration systems.


Are you interested in electrochemistry?
Eco Process Lab. is developing new materials using electrochemistry. This is one of the few laboratories in the Applied Materials Engineering Course (specializing in materials science) at our university.