Multi-Quantum Beam High-Voltage Eelectron Microscope

Our multi-quantum beam high-voltage electron microscope  (hereinafter referred to as HVEM) is a combined system of two ion accelerators (300kV and 400kV) and  a 1300kV high-resolution HVEM (point-to-point resolution of 0.117nm).  It enables us to perform in situ observations at atomic level during ion irradiation/implantation to materials with two different ion species.

As one of Hokkaido University’s  joint use facilities, it contributes to educational research activities of undergraduate and graduate students.  In addition, it plays a part of joint research with supporting programs such as  “Nanotechnology Platform” and  “HVEM Station” providing wide research opportunities for domestic and international researchers.

Nanotechnology platform

The HVEM Laboratory partners with “The Nanotechnology Platform Project” of  Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology aiming at further enhancement of the synergic system, strengthening and promoting each other in the network, and supporting  nanotechnology research with the high-voltage electron microscopy research institutes, etc.