The 13th &14th Sci-Tech Talk in English

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IAOE is please to share the upcoming event organized by the Office for International Academic Support(OIAS), Faculty of Science, Arctic Research Center and the Hokkaido University Museum. Please note that all talk and discussion will be conducted in English. sh. Admission is free and registration is not required. We welcome all students, faculty members and others who are interested in science. Speaker: Dr. Steve Vance (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA at Caltech, USA) Venue: 1st Floor,  Seminar Room, The Hokkaido University Museum Title and schedule: “NASA’s Mission to Europa, A Potentially Habitable Ocean World” Thursday, January 19, 2016, 5:30PM  “Vital Signs: Seismology of Europa and Other Ocean Worlds”   Friday, January 20, 2016, 2:00PM


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A group from Indian Institute of Technology (IITH) visited our faculties on Friday, December 2. This visit was to conclude the academic exchange agreement between IITH, and Graduate School and School of Engineering, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, and  Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, Hokkaido University. The agreement was signed by Prof. U B Desai, Director of IITH and three Deans: Dean Nawa, Dean Miyanaga, and Dean Ohkuma. This is our first agreement signed with a school in India. A brief introduction of each school was presented by Prof. Desai and Prof. Osamu Fujita, from  International Exchange Office. Then, the Deans introduced each graduate school after the signing … Continued

トビタテ!留学JAPAN日本代表プログラム第7期募集スタート~JASSO Study Abroad Program~

====================================================================== トビタテ!留学JAPAN」日本代表プログラム第7期生の募集開始! ====================================================================== ★トビタテの魅力! ・インターンやボランティア留学も対象! ・世界80ヶ国以上へ飛び立つ全国500人の同期ができる! ・2,000人のトビタテ生の先輩とのネットワーク ・経済界のトップや若手経営者等、豪華講師陣による研修もある! ・企業インターンや勉強会等、留学後も広がる育成の機会! ★対象 2017年8月18日~2018年3月31日までに留学開始を予定している学生 ★留学期間 28日以上~2年以内の留学 ★トビタテ!説明動画 トビタテ!の魅力と概要が分かる説明動画を是非ご覧ください! ★工学しめ切り 2017年2月8日(水) ====================================================================== 「トビタテ!留学JAPAN」日本代表プログラム 第7期説明会開催! ====================================================================== 第7期説明会を開催します!当日はトビタテ生の体験談を聞ける機会もありますので、 是非お気軽にご参加ください! ★実施スケジュール 12/8(木) 17:00~19:00 京都会場 [京都大学 吉田キャンパス 薬学部構内] 12/12(月)17:00~19:00 東京会場 [文部科学省] ※トビタテ生の体験談やワークにできるだけ時間を割きたいと思いますので、 トビタテの概要説明は第7期募集用動画にて事前にご確認の上、ご参加ください。 ★内容(予定) ・7期概要説明(簡易) ・トビタテ生の体験談 ・留学計画作成ワーク ・留学計画ガイダンス ・質疑応答 ★申込方法 参加を希望される方は、こちらのフォームよりお申し込みください。 ※定員に達し次第、締切りとなります。お早めにお申込みください。 ※事務局より、内容確認のメール(自動返信)はありません。事務 局より特段連絡がない場合は、ご参加いただけるものとお考えくだ さい。 ※当日の受付は、開始時間の15分前から開始します。 ====================================================================== トビタテ生主催イベントのご紹介 ====================================================================== ■「トビタテ×企業」~トビタテ生と企業が本音で語る留学の価値~■ 就活を終えたトビタテ生と「トヨタ自動車」&「豊田通商」による特別講演会! 留学&就活の先輩によるぶっちゃけ話と、企業から見た「留学の価値」は必聴です! 詳細はこちらから プログラム: 第1部 講演会 企業講演・トビタテ生によるパネルディスカッション・ワークショップ 第2部 交流会 トビタテ生や企業の方々、他の参加者の方と お菓子をつまみながら交流しよう(参加費500円) 日時:12/8(木) 17:00~21:00 ※16:30受付開始 会場:中京大学 名古屋キャンパス 対象:高校生~大学生、保護者、学校関係者 申込はこちらから


GiFT2016 is an online forum for world students, standing for Global Issues Forum for Tomorrow. The event distributes 2 hour live broadcast on YouTube from 8 p.m. on Sunday, November 27, 2016. The discussion themes for this years are “How can you reduce your garbage?” and “What actions are you taking to respond to global warming?”. You can join the discussion on Facebook before the broadcasting! GiFT is one of the exciting events of the Sustainability Weeks that high school and college students can exchange opinions via YouTube Live and an online discussion forum. The Sustainability Weeks is part of the Hokkaido University’s annual social contribution to help create a sustainable society. From Graduate … Continued

Winter Event Invitation 2016

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NPO法人 アジアの留学生等を応援する会 (NPO the Supporter for International Students from Asian Countries) has arranged another event for Asian students studying at universities in Sapporo to enjoy winter activities in Hokkaido at Napal Fukagawa, Hokkaido Youth Outdoor Learning Center. This NPO was organized to let Asian students in Sapporo to get out from the campus and visit regional Hokkaido together with local Japanese people, and funded by Nitori Hokkaido Aid Fund. This event will be held on Sun. December 18 (Participation fee: 1000 yen) . They particularly seek for the university students from Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Laos, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Mongolia and Myanmar who can have easy daily conversation in Japanese. *** Please refrain from applying if you … Continued


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Three guests from Macquarie University, Australia visited our faculties on Wednesday, November 16. This visit was to conclude the academic exchange agreement between Faculty of Science and Engineering, Macquarie University, and Graduate School and School of Engineering, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, and  Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, Hokkaido University. The agreement was signed by four Deans: Executive Dean Messerle, Dean Nawa, Dean Miyanaga, and Dean Ohkuma. Some brief introductions of each graduate school were given by the Deans and Prof. Naoyuki Hashimoto from International Exchange Office after the signing ceremony. e3 English Engineering Education program was also introduced at this occasion.  We were honored to invite Australian Consulate … Continued

The Welcome Reception for Newly-enrolled Int’l Students

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International Affairs Office of Engineering threw a reception party on Friday, November 11th. for newly-enrolled students. This 1.5 hour-party welcomed around 120 participants this year from the three different engineering-related faculties: Engineering, Chemical Sciences & Engineering and Information Science & Technology.  Some of their supervisors also participated in this party. After a welcome address and toast by Dean Nawa, participants enjoyed a variety of foods including sushi and halal menu. This year, participants enjoyed live music played by the classic guitar circle of Hokkaido University. Bingo game was the highlight of the night. First three participants were given special prizes and first 40 students also received small prizes. We hope … Continued

Prayer Places for Muslim students

Location map of the official prayer places and City Map with usuful information for Muslim students are now available by courtesy of  Mr.Ade Purwanto, a Master’s course student from Indonesia who belongs to the Graduate School of Science. Please feel free to share the information with anyone who might find it useful.


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Prof Seth Kunin, Deputy Vice-Chancellor International from Curtin University,  visited Faculty, Graduate School, and School of Engineering on Friday, October 28th. Prof.Kunin visited the Institute for International Collaboration (IIC) and was welcomed by Prof Ichiro UYEDA, Executive Director. Following the courtesy visit, Dean Nawa, Prof Taichiro OKAZAKI, a member of  International Exchange Office, and other faculty members in the Division of Sustainable Resources Engineering welcomed the visitor and discussed further cooperation on student exchange between the universities. Faculty of Science and Engineering concluded MOU between Curtin University in 2014, and has been partner universities since then.We are looking forward to promoting further exchanges in future.  


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Five faculty members from  Xi’an Jiaotong University, CHINA visited Faculty, Graduate School, and School of Engineering on Thursday, October 14th. Prof. Yimin Gao, Prof. Jiandong Xing, Assoc. Prof. Liqiu Sun, Assoc. Prof. Ming Zheng and Lecturer Yefei Li are all from School of Materials Science and Engineering, and visited Hokkaido to further discuss future collaboration with Division of Materials Science and Engineering. Prof Hisashi Sato from International Exchange Office, Ms Natalya Shmakova, e³ program coordinator introduced our faculty and e3 program briefly in the beginning of the meeting. From Division of Materials Science and Engineering, Prof. Matsuura and Assoc. Prof. Ohno, both from the Laboratory of Structure Control, and Prof.Miura from the laboratory of Materials Strength Modeling participated in … Continued

Language Corner

Do you want to improve your Japanese and/or English? The Office of International Affairs is hosting “Language Corner” for those who would like to learn Japanese and improve communication skills! Inquiries: Support Desk e-mail Date: Every Tuesday and Friday 2:00PM-3:30PM Venue: OIA, 1st Floor, Student Lounge Target: International Students, International Researchers and their families, Japanese Students and Hokudai Staff. All levels welcome!