Entrance Ceremony to Graduate School of Eng.

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This semester Graduate School of Engineering welcomed 336 master and 30 doctoral students. Entrance ceremony was held on Monday 1 April, from 12:00, in Open Hall. The ceremony started by introduction of Dean, Vice Deans and the heads of the 12 divisions. Dean Baba gave a welcome address, presenting the outline of the school. Prof. Chikahisa then followed, explaining the school’s philosophies and enrollment. Representatives from Center for Engineering Educational Development and Headquarter of Human Resources Development also participated, giving presentations to encourage new students’ to best plan their career paths.

First Double Degree Holder at Hokkaido Univ. from Graduate School of Eng.

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On March 25, Graduate School of Engineering conferred Hokkaido University’s first Double Degree holder.  Based on the Memorandum of Understanding on Double Degree Program with Polish AGH University of Science and Technology signed on July 6, 2010,  the students participated in an educational program to obtain two doctoral degrees from HU and AGH at graduation, through a study both in Japan and in Poland. 2 more candidates from both parties will join the program. The Graduate School of Engineering also has a double master’s degree program with Asian Institute of Technology and expects more students to join. 

Graduation Ceremony of Graduate School of Eng.

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After the general commencement ceremony at Gymnasium, the graduation ceremony of Graduate School of Engineering took place at Open Hall. Diploma was conferred by Dean BABA conferred the divisional representatives of 340 newly master’s graduate, as well as each of 32 doctors and 4 dissertation doctors.

2013 Graduate and Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony

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Commencement ceremony took place on March 25. This year, 2,539 students received a bachelor’s degree. 1,527 master students including 152 international students received a degree.  There are 113 professional degree recipients and 373 doctoral degree recipients, including 69 international students. Among them, 346 are from the doctoral program and 27 are from the dissertation doctoral program. Diploma was given to the representatives of each School/Graduate School from the deans.

Hokkaido Univ. Exchange Days held in Xiamen and Dalian, China

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Hokkaido University (HU) held two exchange events at Xiamen University on March 14, and at Dalian University of Technology on March 15 and 16. The events introduced HU’s overview, and hosted research exchange seminars with the Chinese counterparts. The events were attended by approximately 40 faculty members and students including Prof. Ohnuki and a staff of International Affairs Office from Faculty of Engineering, and students from Graduate School of Engineering.                  

Japan-Korea Joint Gov’t Scholarship Program for the Students in Science and Engineering Depts

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7 students of Japan-Korea Joint Government Scholarship Program for the Students in Science and Engineering Departments accomplished their preparatory course started in October, 2012 and received certificate of completion from Dean Baba. The students made speech respectively, thanking their teachers and tutors and spoke of their aspirations for the coming semester. They will proceed to School of Engineering next April.      

Joint Meeting of Hokkaido University and Tsinghua University

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Joint Meeting of Hokkaido University (HU) and Tsinghua University (TU) will be held from 18 to 22 February 2013 at the Faculty of Engineering, HU. Three professors from TU are coming to make a courtesy visit to Dean Baba on 19 February. Since the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding on June 30, 2008, two universities actively exchanges human resources and knowledge. <Program> 18(Mon)-20(Wed) February Joint research 21 (Thu) February 9:30-9:40 Welcome address Y. Kiyanagi (Chair: T. Kamiyama) 9:40-10:10 Event-counting thermal neutron imaging using Gd doped micro channel plate Yang Tian 10:10-10:40 Development of TOF radiography system using a neutron color image intensifierTM and a high speed camera Hiroki Ueno, Takashi Kamiyama, Yoshiaki … Continued

1st International Doctoral Symposium in Structural and Hydraulic Engineering

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Dear Faculty Member of Engineering Faculty, We, the organizer of the “1st International Doctoral Symposium in Structural and Hydraulic Engineering” which is jointly organized by students from e3 and the Japanese program, and Dr. Werawan, would like to invite you for attending this symposium which will be held on 7-8 February 2013. This is a first time project, where doctoral students from our faculty and overseas partner universities will hold presentations about their on going researches. Keynote lectures will be given by Prof. Ueda, Prof. Shimizu and Mr. Kamiya, who is the Senior Executive Officer Chief Representative of AGC Group of China. Herewith the information about the venue and time of the symposium : Date: February 7th and 8th, … Continued

Winter Tug of War Tournament Report

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Tug of war tournament started on January 23. This has been a traditional event of Faculty of Engineering over the times and is held every January. Two teams of thirty align themselves at the end of a rope approximately 30 meters long and 10 centimeters in circumference. The teams start with the rope’s center line directly above a line marked on the ground, and once the pull has commenced, attempt to pull the other team. The one who pulls the center line over 1 meter wins a point. Two points entitle a team to the next match. 17 divisions join the tournament and the final match will be held on January 29.

Get-Together Party for International Students

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Get-together party for international students was held last Tuesday, January 22. The party was for those entered Faculty/Graduate School/School of Engineering, Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, and Graduate School of Information Science and Technology in 2012. About 140 participants, including super visors and tutors joined the party and enjoyed presentations made by representatives of each country and networking.

e3 eats up end of year

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  e3 Bonenkai (Japanese traditional yearend party) 2012 was held at Clark Kaikan Hall on Thursday, December 20th. Some sixty e3 students and their family, staff members and guests gathered and celebrated the end of year. Participants were divided into 6 groups (Indonesia, Arab, China, Cambodia, Thailand, and Japan) and competed in cooking contest, practicing their own new year recipes. Based on the votes given by the audience, Team Thailand won the first place and was given a trophy.