A VISIT from DOST and University of the Philippines

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Three guests from Philippines made a courtesy visit to Dean Nawa on Thursday, March 24. The guests were from the Department of Science and Technology(DOST), Secretary, Dr. Fortunato T. de la Pena and Acting Director, Dr. Joel Marciano (Advanced Science And Technology Institute: ASTI), and  Assoc. Prof., Dr. Gay Jane Perez from the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Along with Dean Nawa, three Vice Deans of the Faculty of Engineerng, Prof. Takao MASUDA, Prof. Yukinori KOBAYASHI, and Prof.Toshifumi IGARASHI welcomed the guests. Assist. Prof. Carlito Tabelin from the Division of Sustainable Resources Engineering also joined the visit. A brief introduction of Hokkaido University was presented by Director Prof. Osamu Fujita, International … Continued

Courtesy Visit to the President of KAIST, South Korea

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Four delegation members from Hokkaido Univeristy made a courtesy visit to the President of KAIST, Prof. Sung-Chul SHIN on Monday,  March 20. The members are Prof. Toyoharu NAWA, Dean, Faculty of Engineerng, Prof. Yukinori KOBAYASHI, Vice Dean, Faculty of Engineerng, Mr. Toshiyasu SUGIYAMA, Director, International Affairs Office of Engineering, and Prof. Joo Young CHA, Director of Hokkaido University Seoul Office. Hokkaido University concluded the University-level exchange agreement with KAIST in 2016. During the visit, the delegation members discussed student exchange and reserach collaboration as well as Nitobe College. Along with the talk, they were invited to the research facilities in the field of robotics.    

トビタテ!留学JAPAN日本代表プログラム第7期~地域人材コース「北海道海外留学支援事業~道産子海外留学応援プログラム~」の募集について~JASSO Study Abroad Program~

トビタテ!留学JAPAN日本代表プログラムの第7期募集として新たに地域人材コースへの応募が開始となりました。※その他コースの第7期応募は既にしめ切りとなっております。 <「地域人材コース」について> 地域人材コースは、海外留学と地域企業等でのインターンシップを組み合わせた地域独自のプログラムを通じて、地域の活性化に貢献し、地域に定着する意欲のあるグローバル人材(グローカル人材)の育成を目的としています。本コースで採用された学生は、「日本代表プログラム」の派遣留学生として、本制度の学生コミュニティや事前事後研修等に参加することになります。 ★対象 2017年8月18日~2018年3月31日までに留学開始を予定している学生 ★留学期間 3ヶ月以上~6ヶ月以内の留学 ★対象分野・・・北海道の特徴や優位性を活かせる下記の4分野 農林水産業 食関連・ものづくり産業 観光産業 環境・エネルギー産業 ★工学しめ切り 2017年4月3日(月) 応募を考えている方は、募集要項やコース概要をよく読み、国際企画事務室(A1-58)まで、お早めにお越しください。  


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Dr. Dmitry Bespalov, Vice President and Mr. Taskin Andrei, Cheif Specialist at the Department of Innovation Development, Far Eastern Federal University, Russia visited Faculty of Engineering on Wed., March 8th to  discuss future collaboration in the field of reserach and academic exchange. They were wecolmed by Dean Toyoharu NAWA and Prof. Tsuyoshi SETOGUCHI, Division of Architectual and Structural Design, and Prof. Osamu Fujita, from International Exchange Office.  

Interaction with the First Lady of Japan at Prime Minister’s Residence

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A Doctoral student from India, Mr.Abhijeet Ravankar shared us his unique opprtunity to meet the First Lady of Japan. He is curently studying at the Laboratory of Robotics and Dynamics, Division of Human Mechanical Systems and Design. Here is the report written by Mr. Abhijeet. As a student representative of Hokkaido University, I had the opportunity to meet the First Lady of Japan, Mrs. Abe Akie, at the Prime Minister’s residence (Shusho Kotei) in Tokyo on December 2, 2016. 24 international students representing 15 Japanese universities joined the meeting with the First Lady. Mrs. Abe had personally organized the meeting to interact with the international students on topics of international and … Continued

Graduation Ceremonry 2017 for the Preliminary Course of Japan-Korea Joint Gov’t Scholarship Program”

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7 students from South Korea, who joined “Japan-Korea Joint Government Scholarship Program in Science and Engineering Departments” last October, have completed their preliminary course for Bachelor’s program. The certificate of course completion was awarded by Dean Nawa to each student on Thursday, February 16th 2017.  All seven students gave a short speech in Japanese and shared their ambitions for the coming academic year. We wish all of them the best of luck!

Talk Event: Women, Gender and Development

IAOE is please to share the upcoming event organized by Division of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Office for International Academic Support (OIAS), and Support Office for Female Researchers (FResHU). Please note this event will be conducted in English. Admission is free and registration is not required. We welcome all students, faculty members and others who are interested in science. Title: Women, Gender and Development: The Philippine Experience Speaker: Prof. Amelia Guevara, University of the Philippines Diliman Date: Monday, February 13, 2017 Time 16:30-17:30 Venue: Room N-308, 3rd Floor, Main Building (Hokkaido University Museum), Faculty of Science Inquiry: OIAS(Tel: 2915)

Elementary School and Factories Visit Event-Invitation for Asian Students

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NPO法人 アジアの留学生等を応援する会 (NPO the Supporter for International Students from Asian Countries) has arranged another event for Asian students studying at universities in Sapporo to experience factory tours and international exchange with the elementary school students. This NPO was organized to let the Asian students in Sapporo to experience popular outdoor activity in Hokkaido together with local Japanese, and funded by Nitori Hokkaido Aid Fund. They particularly seek for the university students from Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam who can have simple conversation in Japanese. The event will be held on Tues.Febrary 28, 2017. If you are eligible and interested, please check the details on the flier, and forward the … Continued


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Assistant Prof. Somchai Pornchaiviat and 10 students from Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering at Kingmongkut’s Univeristy of Technology, North Bangkok visited the Faculty of Engineering on Tues., January 17th. Coordinator Natalya SHMAKOVA gave a brief overview of Hokkaido University and   e3 English Engineering Education program. The group then visited Laboratory of Energy Conversion Systems, Division of Energy and Environmental Systems. They listened to the explanation about the research topics by Assoc. Prof. Tabe, and looked experimental equipment of the laboratory with great interest.

The 13th &14th Sci-Tech Talk in English

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IAOE is please to share the upcoming event organized by the Office for International Academic Support(OIAS), Faculty of Science, Arctic Research Center and the Hokkaido University Museum. Please note that all talk and discussion will be conducted in English. sh. Admission is free and registration is not required. We welcome all students, faculty members and others who are interested in science. Speaker: Dr. Steve Vance (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA at Caltech, USA) Venue: 1st Floor,  Seminar Room, The Hokkaido University Museum Title and schedule: “NASA’s Mission to Europa, A Potentially Habitable Ocean World” Thursday, January 19, 2016, 5:30PM  “Vital Signs: Seismology of Europa and Other Ocean Worlds”   Friday, January 20, 2016, 2:00PM

A Visit from Dong-eui University, SOUTH KOREA

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Prof.  Young-Ho CHO, Dean, Office of External Cooperations /Director, International Language Education Center/ Professor of Japanese Language and Literature at Dong-eui University, South Korea visited Faculty of Engineering on Wed., January 11th to further discuss future joint symposium with Dean NAWA and Assoc. Prof. Yuji YAMAUCHI.

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