Those who hope to conduct research as foreign researcher in engineering at Hokkaido University (HU) can apply for it according to the following procedures.  The eligibility is basically given to the researchers whose current oversea status and research achievement are considered equivalent to that of the professors, associate professors or lecturers at Faculty of Engineering, HU.


1. Informal Consent of Acceptance from Prospective Host Researcher:
Applicant is required to contact his/her prospective host researcher at HU by email and get consent on his/her research at HU.
It is recommendable to forward some supporting documents such as CV/abstract(s) of academic paper to let his/her host researcher consider easily.

(Ref.) HU Researcher List:

2. Research Period and Theme:
Applicant is required to decide his/her research period and theme at HU by consulting with his/her host researcher.  The length of research period for foreign researcher is supposed to be more than 1 month and less than 1 year, but its extension is possible.

3. Documentation:
Applicant is required to submit his/her CV incl. a list of achievement (as paper/proceedings/awards) and passport scan to his/her host researcher desirably a month prior to the beginning of research period.  Additional documents may be requested later.

4. Japan Visa:
Japan visa necessity basically depends on the sort of passport, length of stay and funding resource in Japan.  Applicant needs to check its necessity on the following website, and consult with his/her host researcher and/or IAOE about the necessary procedures:

5. Funding:
It is his/her own responsibility to prepare investment to conduct research at HU.  Most of foreign researchers in engineering receive funding from JSPS Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, JICA Japan International Cooperation Agency or his/her home institution/government.

6. Accommodation:
Applicant who hopes to use HU accommodation needs to consult with his/her host researcher.  For a limited number of rooms, unfortunately HU can not always guarantee foreign researchers to be able to stay at univ. accommodation.

7. Arrival in Sapporo:
To start his/her stay in Sapporo smoothly, applicant is required to tell his/her arrival date and flight information to the host researcher in advance.  If necessary, IAOE can support applicant to reach and move into accommodation from JR Sapporo Sta., register him/herself at the ward office of residence or open a bank account.

8. Foreign Researcher ID:
A laminate ID card can be issued with a profile photo of applicant in no bigger than 3 x 3 cm and the postal address of accommodation in Sapporo.

9. Foreign Researchers’ Room:
There is a room specially kept for foreign researchers in engineering.  The room has 4 personal desks, 4 lockers, 2 printers, a fridge and a table space with a cabinet, and needs a reservation in advance.  The priority is given to those who stay at HU more than a month.

10. Internet Connection:
Foreign researcher can access to the internet either through Ethernet cable at the foreign researcher’s room or eduroam wireless network in the Engg. Bldg.  For the activation of the former network, we need to know the MAC address of his/her laptop to use at the room.  The latter account name and password can be issued at IAOE.


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