Application Procedure for Certificate of Graduation/Completion

  • Application procedure for those who has graduated/completed
  • Application procedure for current students

Application for certificates
Please print out the application form of requesting certificates and follow the application procedure as below:

Application Procedure

1. How to apply
Apply at the window

(Open from 8:30am to 5pm on weekdays)
Please submit the application form filled with required information to Student Support (Window 3) in Academic Affairs Office. Certificates cannot be issued on the day of application, so please come back to receive them later with your ID. If you wish the certificates to be mailed, please apply with a return envelop which has the return address and stamp on.

Apply by mail (Domestic)

Please enclose the application form filled with required information and a return envelope which has the return address and stamp on, and mail them to Student Support “Certificates”.

*We do not accept applications neither by phone, fax nor e-mail.

<Application Forms>

Please download the application forms below:

Certificate of Graduation/Completion
Credit Transcripts
Certificate for academic abilities related to teaching licenses
License related certificates
Application for Certificates (PDF 103KB)
Certificate of degree conferral (For Doctoral degree only) Application for Certificate of Conferment of a Doctorate (PDF 77KB)
Application by mail (International)

If you are living outside of Japan and in need of certificates, please ask family/friends or someone you know who is living in Japan to apply on your behalf. In case you need to apply from abroad, please enclose International Reply Coupon.


  • Please indicate Katakana and/or alphabet spelling for your name.
  • Please submit an extract of family register if you wish to have certificate with newly registered name (First time only)
  • If you are a graduate later than March 1999 and do not know your Student ID, then you can leave it blank.
  • If you apply for multiple certificates, please indicate submitting place and purpose for each one.
  • If you wish to have certification in your designated form, please indicate how to fill out the form.
  • If you need Credit Transcripts to apply for licenses, please attach the description.
  • Please consult with Student Support of Academic Affairs Office if you need “Other certificates” except the followings:
    – Credit transcript for Electrical engineer or Explosives (Explosives safety manager)
    – Certificate for academic abilities related to teaching licenses
  • Please consider postal situation and apply with enough time.
    Certificates will be dispatched after we receive a return envelop and coupons/stamps needed.
  • We CANNOT pay postage charge in your place and charge you later.
  • Please refer to Rough estimates for postage and return envelope size (PDF74KB).
2. Estimated days to issue certificates after receiving applications
Japanese certificates 3 days
English certificates 1 week
Irregular certificates 1 week
Certificate of degree conferral 1 week
  1. The above estimates do not include delivery time.
  2. We do not accept applications on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays nor closing days around New Year.
3. Applications and Inquiries

Student Support “Certificates”
Academic Affairs Office of Engineering, Hokkaido University
N13 W8, Kita-ku, Sapporo 060-8628 JAPAN
Tel.: +81(0)11-706-6707

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