Study Abroad Foundation/2015-16年度SAF大学留学に関するご案内

SAF(スタディ・アブロード・ファウンデーション)の2015-2016年度の大学プログラムに関してのご案内です。 SAFは日本を含むアジアの大学生の留学促進の為に活動している米国の非営利教育財団であり、海外大学への様々な留学プログラム等を選択できます。 プログラムの派遣先大学・専攻の詳細は国際企画事務室にてSAFの留学手引きの閲覧が可能ですので、ぜひご覧下さい。 留学プログラムの種類: 1.学部授業履修プログラム(1学期/1年) 2.語学力強化プログラム(1学期/1年)(英語・フランス語・ドイツ語・スペイン語) 3.語学力強化+学部授業履修プログラム(1年) 4.アカデミック・インターンシップ・プログラム(1学期/1年) ※フィールドトリップを多く含む4週間程度~の短期プログラムもあります。 留学先: アメリカ・カナダ・オーストラリア・ニュージーランド・イギリス・アイルランド・ドイツ・フランス・スイス・スペイン SAF ’15-’16 Study abroad brochure is now available in International Affairs Office of Engineering. SAF (The Study Abroad Foundation)is an non-profit education foundation in USA. Although the brochure is in Japanese, if you are interested, you can check detailed information of programme and universities/majors in our office. Study Abroad Programme: 1. Undergraduate college course program  (1 semester/1 year) 2.Intensive language course program (1 semester/1 year) 3.Intensive language course+Undergraduate college course program  (1 year) 4.Academic internship program (1 semester/1 year) There are some shorter programme including field trips (4 weeks or longer) Countries: USA・Canada・Australia・New Zealand・UK・Ireland・Germany・France・Switzerland・Spain

A Seasonal Greeting from Dean

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The last month of this year has been started, and the campus is getting decorated with snow.  IAOE International Affairs Office of Engineering, Hokkaido University would like to share the following season’s greetings from Dean Nawa.  Using a photograph of Japanese rowan tree on campus, DESIGN PEAKS Ltd., Sapporo Office has designed a lovely greeting card as the following. Our engineering offices will be closed between Saturday 27 December 2014 and Sunday 4 January 2015.  

HU Has Been Selected for ‘FY 2014 Re-Inventing Japan Project’ by MEXT

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On 1 October 2014, JSPS Japan Society for the Promotion of Science announced the selection result of ‘FY 2014 Re-Inventing Japan Project’ by MEXT Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology – Japan.  The FY 2014 project targets the improvement of educational cooperation with institutions in Russia and India, two of the countries which have gained much presence in international society with their economic growth in recent years, and which country leaders have confirmed the importance to attach a weight to educational collaboration between their and Japanese institutions. Hokkaido University submitted the proposal named as ‘East Russia-Japan Expert Education Program’ to foster specialists to lead the creation of sustainable … Continued

HU Has Been Selected for ‘Top Global University Project’ by MEXT

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On 26 September 2014, MEXT Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology – Japan announced 37 universities were chosen for ‘スーパーグローバル大学創成支援事業 (literally means the project for super global university establishment support, and called as Top Global University Project)‘. 13 universities were selected for Type A category of the project, which aim to get ranked in top 100 in world university rankings thorough building transdisciplinary collaborative curriculum inviting research units from foreign universities, establishment of internationally-collaborated graduate school, environmental improvement to foster fine scholars and students, etc.  The rest 24 were for Type B category which supports domestic universities to take leadership in globalisation of Japanese society via educational collaboration with oversea institutions, … Continued