Spring Event

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Do you want to learn more about Japanese traditional culture?

If you are interested, there are several events held in April and May that we recommend you to attend!


1.Tango no Sekku Event

You can enjoy playing koto, make some origami crafts, and try some Jpaanese sweets and tea!

Date: Tues., April 25

Time: 11:30am to 13:30

Venue: Institute of International Collaboration  1st Floor (Lobby)

Attendance Fee: Free!


2.Japanese Tea Ceremony (SPRING)春(はる)茶会(ちゃかい)

Enjoy the Japanese Style Tea Ceremony!

Date: Wed., May 10 

Time: 11:30  ②12:00  ③12:30  ④13:00

Venue:  Institute of International Collaboration  1st Floor (Lobby)

Attendance Fee: Free!


 3.11th ZEN ZEMI

Date: Sat., May 20 – Sun., May 21

Venue: Takikawa-shi, Kouzen-ji

Attendance Fee: 2500 yen (+520 yen, for Onsen)

Deadline: Thurs., april 27, 12:00

Application: Please compltete the application HERE

***Program will be conducted in Japanese this time. English program will be held in fall.


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