Speaking Partner Application

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Are you interested in making new Japanese friends and learning Japanese? or are you interested in making foreign students and learning a foreign language?

Speaking Partners” will make your dreams come true!

Speaking Partners is a program organized by the Office of International Affairs. If you are international/Japanese students who want to practice Japanese/foreign languages or make Japanese/foreign friends, apply for the program, then the OIA will match the applicants and find you a speaking partner.

Application Period: Monday 6th April-Friday 24th April

How to Apply: Get the application form at the International Student Support Desk or at the Peer Support

Fill out the form and submit it to one of the above offices.

Matching Party: Monday 11th May, 3PM・・・You will get to know your speaking partner!

Further Information: OIA International Student Support Desk

TEL: 011-706-8071 e-mail: supportdesk at oia.hokudai.ac.jp



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