Setsubun Event / 節分イベント

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International Student Support Desk, Office of International Affairs, HU is pleased to announce a traditional cultural Setsubun (‘seasonal division, the festival before spring time) Event on Tuesday 3 February 2015. With the cooperation with SKY the Foreign Language Volunteer Network of Sapporo International Communication Plaza, ISSD is planning this February event to let the international students and their family members experience Koto performance, the trial of Mamemaki (bean scattering), Ehomaki (lucky direction roll to eat in Setsubun) and Origami, and Quiz. TIME & DATE 11.30-13.30 on Tues 3 Feb 2015 VENUE Lobby & Student Lounge, Ground Flr. of OIA Bldg., HU *No Booking Required

’15 Tug-of-War Tournament

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Celebrating freezing but exciting snowy season, this year’s tug of war tournament in engineering fields, HU is held between Thursday 22 and Wednesday 28 January 2015.  An approximately 30 meters long rope is pulled by two teams towards each end. On the first day of the event, 4 matches by students and faculty members in 8 courses were conducted, and the results were announced as the following: Sustainable Resources Engg.‘s win by default of Bioengg. & Bioinformatics,  Materials Science defeated by Computing Science at 0-2, and Applied Physics & Engg. and Mechanics and Info. over Architecture and Civil Engg. for each, both at 2-0. The matches are carried out at every lunchtime during the event period in front of the main engineering building.  A pair of … Continued

Snowman Competition & Snowball Fight / 雪だるま・雪合戦イベント

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International Student Support Desk, Office of International Affairs, HU is pleased to announce an upcoming winter event Making Snowman & Snowball Fight!!! on Wednesday 21 January. Hokkaido winter is freezing, frosty, white, but at the same time can be beautiful and joyful even for international students from tropical countries.  This free event is open to anyone interested in snow activity including international students’ family members and friends, and indeed Japanese students at HU. TIME & DATE 13.00- on Wed 21 Jan 2015 MEETING PLACE Ground Flr. of OIA Bldg., HU REQUIREMENTS a pair of gloves, waterproof and warm cloths and snowman decoration you would like to use 北大国際本部留学生サポートデスクでは、来たる1月21日(水)に雪だるま作り・雪合戦イベント!!!を計画しています。北海道の冬は寒く凍えるような雪多きものですが、南国出身の留学生でも愉しめる素敵な季節です。留学生の家族、友人を含め、ご興味のある方は誰でも、また勿論日本人学生の参加もお待ちしています。 日時 2015年1月21日(水)13.00- 集合場所 北大国際本部1F … Continued

A Visit from INU, S. Korea

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On March-like warm days in January 2015, 10 energetic students and 2 faculty members from Incheon National University, South Korea visited Hokkaido University.  The visitors were greeted by Dean Nawa and other faculty members in engineering as Dir. Igarashi at International Exchange Office and Prof Yamashita from CEED, and then toured around Office of International Affairs, Suzuki Hall, Research Centre for Integrated Quantum Electronics, Lab. of High-Voltage Electron Microscope and University Museum. The INU students were well-prepared to communicate with local students, and enjoyed cultural exchange via presentation and casual talk with both Korean and Japanese students at HU. Based on Dean Nawa’s recent visit at INU in December and their visit this … Continued

Study Abroad Seminar by 15 Univ. / 15大学による海外留学説明会

北海道大学工学部フロンティア応用科学研究棟の鈴木章ホールで、15大学による海外留学説明会が2015年1月14日(水)18時15分~20時30分に開催されます。講演者は北大協定校を含む海外15大学の教員等を予定しています。また前日には、同ホールでTopic Sessionも催されますので、興味がある方は詳細をフライヤーでご確認ください。 日時 2015年1月14日(水)18.15-20.30 会場 工学部フロンティア応用科学研究棟 鈴木章ホール 対象大学 北米:アラスカ大学フェアバンクス校、ワシントン大学、オレゴン州立大学、テキサス大学、ブリティッシュ・コロンビア大学、カルガリー大学 ヨーロッパ:ジュネーヴ大学、ウォーリック大学 アジア:デリー大学、ペラデニア大学、マヒドーン大学、デラサール大学、台北医学大学、ソウル大学 オセアニア:シドニー大学 お問合せ先 国際本部 嘉見・新井(e-mail) *予約不要

A Group Visit from Thailand

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The very first visit of new year was from Kasetsart University, King Mongkut University of Technology Thonburi, Royal Irrigation Department and Thai Meteorological Department in Thailand. 10 Thai delegates including Mr Nontawat Junjareon Honorary Advisor to Dean at Faculty of Engineering, KU, visited here together with Prof Taikan OKI from Inst. of Industrial Sci., the University of Tokyo. They were all the members of IMPAC-T (Integrated Study Project on Hydro-Meteorological Prediction & Adaptation to Climate Change in Thailand) Project funded by JICA/JST-organised SATREPS Project between 2009-2014, in which Assoc. Prof Tomohito YAMADA from River & Watershed Engg. Lab., HU also participated. The visitors greeted Dean Nawa and Prof Igarashi Dir. at Int’l Exchange Office, introduced IMPAC-T … Continued