Mochitsuki Event

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On 25 December 2014, Christmas Day, one of the traditional wintry events in Japan Mochitsuki was held at Laboratory of Flow Control in Division of Energy & Environmental Systems.  Mochitsuki Japanese rice-cake-making ceremony is often seen in the end and beginning of year throughout Japan, using Usu mortar, Kine (mostly) wooden mallet and Mochigome glutinous rice.

Mochitsuki event at this lab. used to be held as an annual activity, and was restored this year by the students’ desire after several years silence.  Wishing for a fruitful and healthy year ahead, the lab. members made plenty of mochi which filled three trays.

IAOE will be closed between 27 December 2014 and 4 January 2015 due to year-end days off, but look forward to your enquiries from Monday 5 January next year.




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