RJE3 Symposium

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On Friday 19 December 2014, the 1st RJE3 Symposium will be held at Suzuki Hall, Hokkaido University.  This symposium is for the RJE3 Consortium (East Russia-Japan Expert Education Consortium) between several graduate schools at HU and 5 fundamental universities in eastern Russia, which is supported by the representatives of local municipality and industry, and formed in order to cultivate talents who improve sustainable environment, culture and development in Far East and the Arctic Circle.  Anyone interested in this symposium/consortium would be welcomed – with/without registration in advance.


RJE3 Symposium

Passing on Sustainable Development in Far East and the Arctic Circle to the Future Generation


13.00-17.15 on Fri. 19 Dec. 2014

*Venue will be opened at 11.30.


Suzuki Hall

Frontier Research in Applied Sci. Bldg., HU


13.00    opening address
13.05-13.35    Keynote speech 1

Introduction to RJE3 Programme by Tsuneko MOCHIZUKI, RJE3 Programme Supervisor

13.30-14.10    Keynote speech 2

Russia Pacific Region: Development from Long-term Perspective, and Geographical/Geopolitical Strength and Problems for International Collaboration by Dir. Peter YA. BAKLANOV at the Pacific Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences

  14.20-17.15    Panel Discussion *incl. 10 min. interval
Session 1

– The Current Situation & Future Vision of Admin. & Economic Exchange

– Human Resource Cultivation through Exchange


Talk by 2 Russian Students at HU & 2 Japanese Students at HU Who Have Gotten Exp./Plan to Study in Russia


Russian and Japanese


Not mandatory, but helpful for brief capacity planning


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