HU-ITB Joint Symposium

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On Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 December 2014, the 1st HU-ITB Joint Symposium will be held at Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University, Japan.  Since the conclusion of academic exchange agreement with Institut Teknologi Bandung in 2008, HU has deepened the relationship with ITB.
If you are interested in this event, please visit the venues referring to the following information/symp. programme.

Tues. 16 dec. 2014

13.30-14.00    Opening addresses
-session 1-
14.40-15.00    Keynote talks

Intro. of HU by Toshifumi IGARASHI (HU)
Intro. of ITB by Tatacipta DIRGANTARA (ITB)

15.30-17.00    talks about education system

Education System of Grad. Schl. of Engg., HU by Yukinori KOBAYASHI (HU)
Education System of ITB by Tatacipta DIRGANTARA (ITB)
Intro. of PARE Programme by Ryusuke HATANO (HU)

Wed. 17 dec.
– SESSION 2 @ Rm. A1-70 –
9.10-10.50    Environ. Sci. & Engg.

Challenge to Development of Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Processes by Satoshi OKABE (HU)
Microbial Biodiversity and Functionality at A Gradient of Pollution in Citarum River by Herto Dwi ARIESYADY (ITB)
Countermeasures Against Leachate from a Tailings Dam for Sustainable Mining Activities by Toshifumi IGARASHI (HU)
Time-allocation Data Analysis and Travel Demand Management Strategies by Ade SJAFRUDDIN (ITB)
Indonesian Coal Mining Practices and Challenges on Environment Management by Ginting Jalu KUSUMA (ITB)

11.00-12.20    LIfe sci. and environ. sci.

Introduction about Marine Life Sci. at Faculty of Fisheries Sci., HU by Yasuaki TAKAGI (HU)
Introduction about School of Life Sci. & Tech., ITB by Tati Suryati SYAMSUDIN (ITB)
Development of Easy Collectable Adsorbent to Remove Pollutants in Water by Shunitz TANAKA (HU)
People and Renewable Energy by Naufal ROSPRIANDANA (ITB)

– SESSION 2 @ RM. A1-17 –
9.10-10.50    Control engg. & mech. engg.

Motion Control of Flexible Manipulators and Mobile Robots by Yukinori KOBAYASHI (HU)
Mech. Design Research Group – Mech. Vibration Group Activity Intro/ by Ginting Jalu KUSUMA (ITB)
Combustion Noise Analysis of Premixed Diesel Engine by Tests and Simulations by Gen SHIBATA (HU)
The Challenges and Opportunities Global Warming and Fuel Resources in Indonesia and Research Development of Biofuel Fuelled I.C. Engines at ITB by Iman K. REKSOWARDOJO (ITB)
Lightweight Structures Research Group Activities in the Area of Structural Integrity by Tatacipta DIRGANTARA (ITB)

11.00-12.00    Biomech. & Vibration Engg.

Mechanical Analysis of Mineral/Collagen Phases in Bone by Raman Spectroscopy by Masahiro TODOH (HU)
Mech. Design Research Group – Biomech. Group Activity Intro. by Andi Isra MAHYUDDIN (ITB)
Development of Bio-MEMS Devices for Cell Culture Study by Toshiro OHASHI (HU)





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