Hokkokai Cultural Festival 北工会文化祭 ’14

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This year’s cultural season gets started at Hokkaido University.  Hokko-kai (北工会 literally meaning Hokudai Engineering Association), the organisation composed with the Faculty members, staff and students in Engineering, tries to cultivate mutual friendship and enrich academic life in Engineering at Hokkaido University.  Towards this aim, Hokko-kai 北工会 arranges Sports Day in every June and Cultural Festival in October.

Hokko-kai has organised various societies throughout its long 89-year history, and introduced their activities to prospective society members and any other people who are interested in these during cultural day(s).


  Tues 21 and Wed 22 October 2014


Various Places in Eng. Bldg., Hokkaido Univ.


Measurement Competition

11.00-11.30/14.30-15.00 at Main Entrance Hall

Potato Club Sampling Party

12.00-12.10 at Main Entrance Hall

*Up to 100 potato (& secret food) plates for tasting available

Hougaku Traditional Japanese Music Concert

12.10-12.50 at 2F Gallery

Tea Ceremony

13.00-16.00 at C-106 Lounge (nearby the Eng. Refectory)

DVD Screening

10.00-15.30 at Rm. #B12

Shogi Competition

13.00-17.00 at Rm. #A1-02

Go Matches and Go Problem Trial

10.00-17.00 at Rm. #A1-01

Robots Exhibition

10.00-15.00 at Rm. #B-11

Vehicles/Panel Display

10.00-15.00 in front of Main Entrance

EXHIBITIONS BETWEEN 21 & 22 OCT 2014 – throughout the days

Ikebana/Photograph/Japanese Calligraphy

Main Entrance Hall


Admission Free / No registration is required.


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