Homecoming Day to Celebrate the 90th Anniversary of School of Engg.

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The Homecoming Day to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of School of Engineering, HU was held on sunny 27 September 2014.  HU Homecoming Day itself is organised for alumni to gather and communicate with each other beyond the department, division/course, country/region and generation, and deepen the bond of friendship among them.

After the Homecoming Day for the whole university, there was a departmental Homecoming Day with the memorial ceremony and lecture to celebrate the 90th anniversary of School of Engineering.  For this special lecture, School of Engineering invited two alumni of the school: Mr Sadayuki TSUCHIYA Director-General, Science and Technology Policy Bureau at MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology – Japan) and Mr Seichi SATO Specially-appointed professor at Fukushima National College of Technology.

Mr Tsuchiya offered a lecture titled ‘挑戦する工学への期待 Expectation for Challenging Engineering’, and mentioned his relief about HU’s success to get chosen for governmental financial support as a ‘Top Global University Project‘ university, expectation for the 180th anniversary after another 90 years with improvement in the field of engineering, and research situation updates in industrially-advanced countries.

The other lecture named ‘今後半世紀にわたる廃炉を支える技術者の育成に向き合う Facing the Development of Engineers to Support Nuclear Decommissioning’ by Mr Sato introduced the audiences his experience to train youngsters to handle decommissioning of reactor at FNCT which prefecture has suffered the Fukushima nuclear power plant crisis.


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