e3 Graduation Ceremony in Autumn

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e3 programme has its graduation timing either in March or September, depending on the course commencement timing each student chooses either April or October.  Most of oversea students chose October entry and end their course in September, as it suits their home calendar and MEXT scholarship restriction linked with the programme application here.

On 25 September 2014, e3 Graduation Ceremony was held for 12 Master and 11 Doctoral students and their supervisors, division heads, course mates and family members who visited Hokkaido to celebrate the accomplishment of their children.  Although it was a small ceremony compared to that for a whole university, the venue was packed and filled with smile, warm applause, bouquets and many ‘おめでとうございます(Omedeto gozaimasu)’-like words to each other.

Prof Nawa Dean at Graduate School of Engineering celebrated the academic success of graduates and concluded the ceremony with wish for their bright and productive future to share their speciality with people around them, lead a new era with strength they gained during their study here, and become a pioneer of their/new fields.



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