The 5th HU-CNU Joint Symposium

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The memorable 5th joint symposium between Hokkaido University and Chungbuk National University, South Korea was held in Faculty of Engineering during the last week of August, 2014.  Since the academic exchange agreement was concluded between them in 2007, the universities have kept close relationship by researcher/student exchange and this joint symposium.

Upon the event, Dean Doo Hyun KIM, Vice Deen Sang Woog RYU, and four other professors from College of Engineering at CNU were greeted by Dean Nawa, Prof. Igarashi Director at International Exchange Office and two other scholars from Faculty of Engineering, HU.  Although the meeting was just for a short time until the beginning of the symposium, there was active information exchange – including some practical information as financial support for domestic and oversea students in undergraduate and postgraduate level, and a curious one as how long it would normally take for a research assistant to be an assistant professor in universities in Japan.

According to CNU, Korea Science and Engineering Foundation (KOSEF) designated the Center for Advanced Horticultural Technology Development and Research as a Regional Research Center, and this may show the strength of engineering field at CNU.




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