A Visit from KSEE, South Korea

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On the very first day of September 2014, there were two visitors from KSEE Korean Society for Engineering Education, South Korea: KSEE Chairman Prof LEE Eyu Soo and Vice Chairman Prof HONG Sung Jo both also belonging at 東国大學校 Dongguk University, which is a well-known private university in South Korea for its collection of Zen Buddhism books and popularity in their art (especially, drama/film performance) education.

The professors visited Faculty of Engineering and CEED Centre for Engineering Education Development as their benchmarking on academic internship and programme to develop human resources with creativity, and were welcomed by Dean Nawa, Prof Fujita Vice Director at International Exchange Office and Specially-appointed Prof Yamashita from CEED.

Dongguk University has two campuses in Seoul and North Geongsung Province, and 12,000 undergraduate and 3,800 postgraduate students including its 1/4 in the field of engineering, and 590 researchers containing 110 in engineering.

Currently, 60% of their oversea students are from China, however, they are positive to have more Japanese students, particularly in their strong field Materials Science and Engineering, and expect to have academic/student exchange with HU.



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