HU-AGH Joint Symposium 2013

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Hokkaido University and AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland hold a joint symposium.  This is held mainly at Academic Lounge 1 in Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University and in the following schedule:

HU-AGH Joint Symposium DAY 2

DAY 1 : Wednesday 17 July


DAY 2: Thursday 18 July

SESSION 1 – chaired by K. Matsuura

9.10   Welcome Address (T. Kakuchi)

9.20   AGH University of Science and Technology current development and future trends (M. Karbowniczek)

9:40   Combustion Synthesis of β-SiAlON (T. Akiyama and J. Niu)

10:00   AGH Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics – Research development and teaching facilities (J. Lis)

10:20   The Faculty of Mining and Geoengineering (A. Stempkowska and P. Czaja)

10:40   Coffee Break

SESSION 2 – chaired by N. Sakaguchi

11:00   Introduction of Hokkaido University (K. Takada and HU students)

11:30   Introduction of AGH University of Science and Technology (J. Mastalska and AGH students)

SESSION 3 – chaired by K. Fitzner

12:00   New solutions in the foaming slag technology in electric arc furnace steelmaking (M. Karbowniczek)

12:20   A New Development of Organocatalytic Group Transfer Polymerization (T. Kakuchi)

12:40   Lunch Time

SESSION 4 – chaired by K. Azumi

14:10   UV curable nanosilica dispersions for rapid prototyping applications (D. Kata, M. Wozniak and T. Graule)

14:30   Local surface modification by solution flow type micro-droplet cell (M. Sakairi)

14:50   Research and development projects realized in the Laboratory of Production Engineering (K. Żaba)

15:10   Oxygen Reduction Reaction on Nitrogen-doped Graphene Grown by Low Temperature Chemical Vapor Deposition (S. Yasuda)

15:30   Coffee Break

SESSION 5 – chaired by T. Telejko

15:40   Vibronic Switching of Fluorescence Output from Urea-Functionalized Poly (p-Phenylene) Receptor by Fluoride-Anion Recognition (S. Sato)

16:00   Effect of Plastic Deformation on Stent Surface Roughness Considering Different Plaque Length (K. Sasaki)

16.20   EELS and ab-initio study on electronic structure of faceted CSL boundary in silicon (N. Sakaguchi)

16:40   Effect of ternary additives on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Nb-Si alloys (S. Miura)


DAY 3: Friday 19 July

SESSION 6 – chaired by M. Richert

9.00   Synthesis of a Monolithic Carbon-Based Acid Catalyst for Flow Reaction Systems (I. Ogino)

9:20   Faculty of Metals Engineering and Industrial Computer Science, AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow-education and research activities (T. Telejko)

9:40   Molecular motions in organic crystals and their application to design of ferroelectrics (J. Harada)

10:00   Simple model of ceramic powder die compaction (P. Izak)

10:20   Coffee Break

SESSION 7 – chaired by T. Akiyama

10:30   In-situ Corrosion Measurement of Metals in Various Environments (K. Azumi)

10:50   High-Temperature Corrosion of SiO2-Forming Materials (K. Kurokawa)

11.10   A Concept of Functional Microchannel Lining for Metallic Microreactors (T. Ohmi)

11:30   Reaction Mechanisms of Hydrogen Storage Materials (S. Isobe)

SESSION 8 – chaired by M. Sakairi

11:50   Influence of stoichiometry and sintering conditions on phase evolution of SHS-derived materials in the Ti-Al-N system (Poster) (L. Chlubny)

12:00   Mechanical and Thermal Properties of High Thermal Conductive Aluminum Based Composites Containing CF-CNT Filler (Poster) (K. Yamamoto)

12:10    CO2 Gas decomposition Using ZrO2 anode in Molten Salt (Poster) (T. Uchiyama)

12.20   Analysis of Pure-shear Deformation Using Finite Element Method and Evaluation of CRSS for Non-basal Plastic Deformation Mechanisms of Mg-Y Alloys (Poster) (T. Mineta)

12:30   Lunch Time

SESSION 9 – chaired by K. Sasaki

15:00   Fabrication of Al-coated Mg alloy sheet and its superplastic properties (Poster) (T. Tokunaga)

15:10   Nanostructures synthesis on titanium, zirconium and niobium using electrochemical oxidation (Poster) (P. Handzlik)

15:20   Experimental phase diagram of the Nb-rich region of the Nb-Mo-Si-B quarternary system (Poster) (T. Yamanouchi)

15:30   Influence of intensive plastic deformation on microstructure refinement in aluminium (Poster) (B. Leszczyńska – Madej)

15:40   Kinetic analysis of oxygen reduction reaction on Cobalt-porphyrin-modified electrode (Poster) (S. Sato)

15:50   Rheological properties and thermal conductivity of higly loaded AlN suspension (Poster) (M. Wozniak)

16:00   Effect of Ni on the oxidation behavior of austenitic Fe-Cr-Ni alloys in air (Poster) (D. Takashima)

16:10   Studies on properties of silicaorganic gels (Poster) (J. Mastalska)

16.20   Strengthening of Silica Monolith Having Microhoneycomb Structure by Treatment with TEOS (Poster) (Y. Satoh)

16:30   Coffee Break

SESSION 10 – chaired by S. Sato

16:40   Rheological and functional properties of clay-cement suspensions (Poster) (Ł. Wójcik)

16:50   Precise Synthesis of Star-Shaped Thermoresponsive Polymethacrylate by Group Transfer Polymerization (Poster) (S. Kikuchi)

17:00   Improvement of Oxidation Resistance of NbSi2 by Addition of Al (Poster) (T. Kanaya)

17.10   Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties of New Melilite-type Compounds (Poster) (T. Endo)

17:20   EBSD analysis of deformed aluminium (Poster) (M. Perek-Nowak)

17:30   Alumina-γ- Alon Composites prepared using SHS technique (Poster)  (D. Zientara)


DAY 4: Saturday 20 July

SESSION 11 – chaired by S. Isobe

9:00   Chemical properties of sewage sludge ashes designed for producing faced bricks (lab-scale trials) (Poster) (A. Stempkowska)

9:10   Calibration of material models in the eta/DYNAFORM software as an important element of the adequacy between results of numerical and physical simulations (Poster) (M. Nowosielski)

9.20   Reactive Sintering of Ni-Al Alloys with Controlled Porosity Distribution (Poster) (Y. Teshirogi)

9.30   Synthesis of End-functionalized Polyacrylates by Group Transfer Polymerization (Poster) (K. Takeda)

9:40   Hydroxyapatite Coating Deposited on Ti-6Al-7Nb Alloy by Micro-arc Oxidation for Medical Applications (Poster) (J. Karbowniczek)

9.50   Development and Application of Environmental Cell in High Voltage Electron Microscope (Poster) (T. Wakasugi)

10:00   Pulsed Laser Deposition technique for superconducting YBCO thin films (Poster) (G. Szwachta)

10:10   Electrocodeposition of Al-Zn alloy from AlCl3-EMIC ionic liquid including Zn complexes (Poster) (Y. Sato)

10:40   Poster Session

12:10   Lunch Time

13:20   Poster Award 

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