Workshop Precedes Exchange Agreement with Taiwan National Chiao Tung Univ.

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International Workshop on Spintronic Nano Materials 2012 will be held on November 5 at Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University. 5 professors from Taiwan National Chiao Tung University will attend this workshop. The two universities are on preparation process to sign Exchange Agreement between Universities. Monday, November 5 10:10 – 12:05 Workshop 12:05 – 13:20 Lunch 13:20 – 15:20 Workshop 15:20 – 15:35 Coffee Break 15:35 – 17:30 Workshop 18:00 – 20:00 Banquet Tuesday, November 6 Laboratory Tour

HU Joins Korea Maritime Univ. for 4th Joint Workshop

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4th Joint Workshop Hokkaido University (HU) – Korea Maritime University (KMU) will be held on November 2, 2012 at KMU, Busan, Korea. 10 professors and one doctoral student will attend the workshop from HU. The two universities signed the Exchange Agreement Between Universities on June 3, 2010 and have been holding the workshop annually (Sapporo in January 2010, Busan in November 2010, and Hakodate in July 2011 ) .   Program at a Glance – November 2, 2012 at KMU 09:30-09:40 Opening Address Prof. Jong-Rae Cho (Dean of College of Engineering, Korea Maritime University) Prof. Naoshi Baba (Dean of Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido University) 09:40-10:10 Plenary Talk 1 “Introduction of the … Continued

New Nitobe College Encourages Global Human Resources Development

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Hokkaido University’s proposal for Project for Promotion of Global Human Resources Development has been approved along with 10 others among 41 proposals submitted by universities from all over Japan. The proposal aims to promote human resources development and establishment of support system for globalization of faculty education. In order to promote this project, Hokkaido University will establish Nitobe College and select 200 students from 12 Schools to raise future leaders with sense of patriotism as Japanese. Students, expected to become global leaders, are to master practical English skills and obtain 15 credits including studying outside Japan for more than six months.

Re-Inventing Japan Project with ASEAN Universities Starts

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Hokkaido University’s proposal for Re-Inventing Japan Project has been approved along with 8 others among 54 proposals submitted by universities from all over Japan. Our proposal aims to support establishment of network with ASEAN universities. Hokkaido University’s 5 institutions including Faculty of Engineering will exchange 30 students every year with Indonesian and Thai universities. Faculty of Engineering will exchange students with Bandon Institute of Technology (Indonesia), Gadjah Mada University (Indonesia), and Chulalongkorn University (Thailand).   Project Outline


学院简介 工学部(4个系16个学科) ↓ ・工学院(12个专业103个研究室) ・信息科学研究科 ・综合化学院   历史沿革 工学部和工学院的发展历史 1924年 工学部从电气、机械、土木、矿山4个开始发展 1953年 大学院拥有6专业(电气、土木、机械、矿山、冶金、建筑、应用化学) 2004年 信息科学研究学科开始组建 2005年 工学部改编成4个系16个学科、大学院改编成15个专业 2010年 工学研究科改编成工学研究院、工学院、综合化学院


院际友好协定校 截至2014年10月22日,我校与中国的大学签订了6个院际友好协定) 重庆大学工程学部・建筑学部(2014/3/7-) 武汉理工大学机电工程学院・土木工程与建筑学院(2014/3/28-) 哈尔滨工业大学(2009/8/11-) 哈尔滨工程大学(2008/8/18-) 西安建筑科技大学(2010/6/12-) 东北大学(2011/3/9-)


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Japan-Korea Gov’t Scholarship Undergraduate Arrive

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After Japan and Republic of Korea Joint Declaration in 2000. Japan-Korea undergraduate program was established to enhance and accelerate student exchange in field of science/engineering. Since 2001, Hokkaido University has accepted 68 Korean students, 7 of which have just arrived for this autumn semester. On October 10, the course orientation was held with attendance of the students, TA students, teachers at International Student Center, and administrative staff from relevant offices. Detailed instructions were given on a half-year preparatory course consisting of Japanese language education and math and science education. Students are required course completion in order to proceed to School of Engineering next April. [Related] All about School of Engineering … Continued

e3 Welcomes New Students

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The e3 (English Engineering Education) program, started in 2000, welcomes 21 new students this semester. On September 28, 17 students from 11 countries attended the program orientation and gathered for the first time with their supervisors, the current students, the program coordinator and the staff of International Affairs Office. At the orientation, Professor Ueda, Responsible of the program gave a welcome speech, followed by the students’ self-introduction. An overall presentation was given by the program coordinator Dr. Manakul, introducing academic regulations and practices. Finally, a welcome presentation to the e3 Student Organization was made by the representative Mr. Niti Pitakteeratham, introducing e3’s recreational activities throughout the year. The e3 started … Continued

Students from 3 Asian Universities Gather for International Engineering Program

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International students gathered, 1 from Harbin Institute of Technology, China, 5 from Hanyang University, South Korea, and 5 from Thammasat University, Thailand, on the opening of the Program for Global Civil Engineers to Protect Human and Earth at School/Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido University. On October 1, the students from 3 universities attended the program orientation to meet with their supervisors, the student supporters and the administrative staff from International Affairs Office. The orientation was opened by encouraging words of Prof. Ueda, Representative of the program, followed by welcome addresses by Dean Baba and Prof. Kanie, Representative of Civil Engineering Course. Then the students introduced themselves and shared their ambitions among … Continued