Procedures Pertaining to the Conclusion and Renewal of the Exchange Agreement between Departments

(Confirmed by the Operation Conference, School of Engineering, October 5, 2005)

  1. When the Faculty of Engineering, the Graduate School of Engineering, and the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology conclude and renew the exchange agreement between departments, the head of the educational research organization shall sign the agreement after discussion by the deliberative bodies prescribed in the bylaws of the individual organizational operations.
  2. Based on the inter-school academic exchange agreements prescribed in the preceding paragraph, when a student exchange memorandum of understanding pertaining to undergraduate students is concluded and renewed, the individual main educational research organizations shall propose the procedure, and the Dean of Engineering shall sign the memorandum of understanding after discussion by the operation conference and board of representatives of School of Engineering. In this case, the individual educational research organizations shall agree to the contents of the memorandum of understanding.

Supplementary Notes
This agreement will come into effect from October 5, 2005.

Supplementary Notes
This agreement will come into effect from April 6, 2010 and apply from April 1, 2010.


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