High-efficiency oxy-fuel IGCC gas turbine

CO2 capture Integrated coal Gasification Combined Cycle (CO2 capture IGCC) which combined IGCC, CO2 Capture and Storage(CCS) technology and Closed gas turbine is developed.

This cycle has an oxygen-CO2 blown coal gasifier. A gasified coal fuel which is mainly composed of CO and H2 is burnt by oxygen with recycled gas for dilution under near stoichiometric conditions. Heat of exhaust gas is recovered by heat recovery steam generator. A part of exhaust gas is recycled to gas turbine combustor as a diluent. Water is separated from exhaust gas and remaining CO2 is stored. A part of CO2 is recycled to gasifier. (Image of CO2 capture IGCC is showed at the bottom.)

The goal of this research is to predict the combustion reaction process in gas turbine combustor of CO2 capture IGCC employing numerical analysis and create a new concept of combustor.



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