Pulverized coal combustion in high temperature air

1. Background / ObjectiveThese days iron becomes more essential for our life because they are used for buildin […]

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(ISS)Ignition of Electric Wire ~Limiting mechanism of wire insulation ignition with excess electric current under microgravity

This research is to measure difference of ignition phenomena of insulated wire with excess current supply by changing gravitational field and to clarify mechanism to decide ignition limit.

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(ISS) Effect of sample relative to gravitational direction on extinction limit of spreading flame over wire insulation of different types of core material

This research is about how much LOC change when sample angle relative to gravitational direction changes.

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(ISS) Material effect of flame spread over electric wire

This research focuses on "how much does flammability change with different insulation material".

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(ISS)Investigation about the fire safety evaluation of the electric wire using LOI method

In this research, we consider whether this LOI method can be used for fire safety evaluation of the electric wire.

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Evaporation characteristics of bio diesel fuel

In this study, the evaporation characteristics are investigated and its evaporation model are developed.

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High-efficiency oxy-fuel IGCC gas turbine

The goal of this research is to predict the combustion reaction process in gas turbine combustor of CO2 capture IGCC employing numerical analysis and create a new concept of combustor.

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Li-ion Batteries

We are researching about electrolyte which often used for Li-ion Batteries.

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Acoustic Instability

Background & Objective In the various industrial combustion system, the combustion instability is of signi […]

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Bio Coke

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