Research on Structure Materials for Fusion Reactor Components

  • Relationship between mechanical property and microstructure in austenitic stainless steels
  • Effect of impurity on vacancy migration energy in pure iron – Approach by Density Function Theory
  • Effect of W, V, Ta on microstructure and vacancy migration energy in pure iron
  • Effect of hydrogen and helium on irradiation damage in Fe-xCr model alloys
  • Effect of hydrogen on mechnical properties in steels
  • On formation of dislocation loops in pure iron during electron irradiation
  • Relationship between microstructure and mechanical property in Fe-based alloys
  • Development of iron-based composite materials with high thermal conductivity for DEMO
  • Structure change of CNT under electron and ion irradiation
  • Estimation of He effect on irradiation hardening by means of nano-indentation technique
  • He effect on radiation hardening in reduced-activation ODS steel
  • The effect of irradiation on microstructure evolution in SiC

Research on Hydrogen Storage Materials

  • Mechanism of reaction and catalytic effect on MgH2 with Nb-oxides
  • Study of hydrogenation mechanism of Li2NH by means of TEM
  • Study of dehydrogenation mechanism on AlH3 by means of TEM
  • Catalytic effect of TiCl3 on dehydrogenation of LiAlH4
  • Microstructural analysis on thermal decomposition of BH
  • Evaluation and development for Thin film of Mg/Pd as a hydrogen strage material
  • Basic study on Mg as a hydrogen-sensor
  • Dessociation of hydrogen molcules in Nb and Nb oxides
  • Development of Safety Evaluation and hydrogen storage system of activated Mg
  • Study on hydrogenation and catalytic effect of Mg based materials by means of in-situ TEM
  • Computational approach to hydrogen storage materials: From surface science to atomic clusters

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