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Master’s thesis(2017年度 修士論文)

  • 世古 和也(Kazuya SEKO),Effects of bubble cloud in liquid fountains on ultrasonic atomization
  • 谷本 聖太(Shota TANIMOTO), Surface wettability effect on expanding liquid film instability at droplet impact

Graduation thesis(2017年度 卒業論文)

  • 伊藤 一樹(Kazuki ITO), Observation of a high-speed viscoelastic droplet impact to solid surface
  • 遠藤 理一郎(Riichiro ENDO), Observation of droplet impact on solid surface using coaxial light source
  • 山本 恭平(Kyohei YAMAMOTO), Numerical simulation of the influence of non-condensable gas on collapsing vapor bubble
  • 遠藤 茂樹(Shigeki ENDO), Numerical investigation of photon transport in the human neck based on the radiative transfer theory
  • 野村 航希(Kouki NOMURA), Analysis of light propagation in random media based on the dependent scattering theory



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Doctor’s thesis(2016年度 博士論文)

  • 今 美沙紀(Misaki KON),Mean-Field Kinetic Theory Based Study of Boundary Condition at Vpoar-Liquid Interface

Master’s thesis(2016年度 修士論文)

  • 磯野 俊悠(Toshihisa ISONO),Effects of surrounding gas on ethanol droplet impact on a solid surface
  • 片岡 豊(Yutaka KATAOKA), Splash generated immediately after the impact of gas-liquid interface with curvature on a solid surface
  • 永山 貴広(Takahiro NAGAYAMA), Molecular gas dynamics analysis of spherical bubble collapse filled with vapor and noncondensable gas
  • 服部 聖仁(Kiyohito HATTORI), Determination of the optical properties of melons based on a light propagation model
  • 森川 昌太郎(Shotaro MORIKAWA), Influence of condensation coefficient for spherical bubble collapse with evaporation and condensation

Graduation thesis(2016年度 卒業論文)

  • 浅川 夏越(Nagoshi ASAKAWA), Numerical simulation of vapor flow in collapsing bubble based on Boltzmann equation
  • 芦田 拓(Taku ASHIDA), Observation of splash generated immediately after the high-speed droplet impact in a pressure-reduced chamber
  • 澤井 冴(Sae SAWAI), Numerical analysis of liquid drop impact with non-equilibrium phase change by using ghost fluid method
  • 田林 孝介(Kosuke TABAYASHI), Numerical modeling of light and pressure propagations for biomedical photoacoustic tomography
  • 田部 広風海(Hirofumi TABE), Molecular dynamics simulation of the role of the wettability in the droplet impact on a high-temperature wall



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Doctor’s thesis(2015年度 博士論文)

  • 川原 潤也(Junnya KAWAHARA),Theoretical Study on the Speed of Sound in a Bubbly Liquid

Master’s thesis(2015年度 修士論文)

  • 内田 勝也(Katsuya UCHIDA),Direct numerical simulation of propagation speed of pressure wave in gas-liquid two phase flow
  • 佐々木 清文(Kiyofumi Sasaki),Molecular dynamics analysis on kinetic boundary condition of argon-neon binary system in vapor-liquid equilibria
  • 東 稜(Ryo Higashi),Splash generated immediately after the impact of high-speed droplet under low-pressure environment
  • 堀 優作(Usaku Hori),Development of high-speed liquid jet injector using piezo actuator
  • 山口 陽平(Youhei Yamgaguchi),Liquid film flow generated immediately after the water-droplet impact on a solid surface

Graduation thesis(2015年度 卒業論文)

  • 世古 和也(Kazuya SEKO), Liquid jet induced by the interaction focused ultrasound and curved surface of liquid
  • 古谷 祥平(Shohei FURUYA), Molecular dynamics simulation of droplet impact on heated solid surface
  • 宮川 江里菜(Erina MIYAKAWA), Numerical modeling of photon migration in the human neck for biomedical optical imaging
  • 吉田 克麻(Maya YOSHITA), Observation of splash from high-speed water droplet impact in low pressure environment



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Master’s thesis(2014年度 修士論文)

  • 齊藤 一騎(Ikki SAITO),  Numerical analysis of high-speed droplet spray flow from a converging-diverging nozzle
  • 笹川 裕万(Yuma SASAGAWA),  Effects of ambient gas on ethanol droplet impact on a solid wall
  • 加藤 昌也(Masaya KATO),  Observation of liquid film flow generated by high-speed droplet impact in a vacuum chamber
  • 金野 一生(Kazuki KONNO),  Molecular dynamics simulation on lamellar flow induced by nano-droplet impact on solid surfaces
  • 片平 圭佑(Keisuke KATAHIRA),  Evaluation of kinetic boundary conditions of methanol and ethanol vapors by shock tube experiment and molecular gas dynamics analysis

Graduation thesis(2014年度 卒業論文)

  • 磯野 俊悠(Toshihisa ISONO),  Observation of ethanol droplet impact in ethanol vapor and development of the droplet generator
  • 片岡 豊(Yutaka KATAOKA),  Development of high speed droplet injector
  • 永山 貴大(Takahiro NAGAYAMA),  Numerical simulation of vapor condensation induced by shock wave based on Boltzmann equation for binary gas mixture
  • 服部 聖仁(Kiyohito HATTORI),  Numerical analysis of light propagation in scattering media with different optical properties
  • 森川 昌太郎(Shotaro MORIKAWA),  Numerical simulation of mathematical model for dynamics of a spherical vapor bubble accompanied by phase changes at vapor-liquid interface