Teaching staff

Guest Professor Nawa Toyoharu

Research contents:Cement chemistry, Concrete technology, Recycle
E-mail:nawa at

Associate professor Kurumisawa Kiyofumi

Research contents:Microstructure and physical property of hardened cement, Permeability of the porous material
E-mail:kurumi at

Doctor’s Course

Morinaga Yuka

Research contents:C-S-H, NMR, Drying shrinkage
Comment: At the time of the Tokyo Olympic Games, I will finally be 30 years old.

Master’s Course

Second year graduate student

Kobayashi Hajime

Research contents:C-A-S-H, Ca/(Si+Al), 27Al MAS NMR, 29Si MAS NMR, zeta potential
Comment:I never and ever stop smiling.

Sugiyama Takuya

Research contents:Physical properties of cement paste
Comment: Tobacco and  liquor make my life worth living.

First year graduate student

Kajio Tomohiro

Research contents:Hydration of C3A
Comment:I am busy, but I can find pleasure during such days.

Kuzuma Yuki

Research contents:Rheology, Dispersion, Comb-like polymer, Adsorption, Atomic force microscopy, Steric hindrance effect
Comment:I have a lot of squash experience, also lots and lots of maid Cafe experience.

Sasaki Kenta

Research contents:fly ash, slag, geopolymer, microstructure
Comment:I am doing extremely well.

Yoshida Satoshi

Research contents:Ca/Si, C-S-H, binding, cement paste, surface complexation model, Multi-component diffusion model
Comment:I want to go to somewhere far away.


Fourth year undergraduate student

Yumetoki Abe

Research contents:C3S, Hydrated silicate monomer, Induction period

Kohei Ibayashi

Research contents:geopolymer
Comment: And now, I’m back !

Mami Ojima

Research contents:Cold weather region, Slag-Blended cementitious materials, Enhancing initial strength
Comment:Bike trip is the best !

Musashi Saiki

Research contents:Ca leaching, mortar, ion transport

Miku Takeya

Research contents:Oil, EOR, surface complexation model
Comment:For my part, I have nothing to report.

Natsumi Noguchi

Research contents:Pylex Glass, Yo cherty, ASR, Phase-equilibrium model
Comment:I will be careful not to have a slip of the tongue.