Instructions for paper submission

Paper submission is now closed.

Accepted authors must submit a paper of A4 one page.

Paper submission deadline is 1 June 2015.

Please prepare your paper using the template file and save as PDF format.

Template file for paper can be downloaded from

File size should be smaller than 1 Mbyte.

Please use the submission number for the file name (Ex: AP00001.pdf).

  1. Paper can be submitted via the online paper submission form only.
  2. Fields with an asterisk (*) are required.
  3. Submission type*: Please select the submission type as “New submission”. If you want to revise a submitted paper, please select “Revised submission”.
  4. Submission No.*: Please state the submission number described in the email of acceptance notice.
    Ex: AP00001
  5. Presentation title*: Please state your presentation title. It is not available to change the title after the acceptance. Italic, superscript, and subscript are not available in the filed.
  6. Please upload a PDF file*: Please upload a paper as PDF format. Please prepare your paper using the template file and save as PDF format. Template file can be downloaded from here. File size should be smaller than 1 Mbyte. Please use the submission umber for the file name.
    Ex: AP00001.pdf
  7. Corresponding author*: Please state the information about the corresponding author: full name, title, and email.
  8. After confirm you submission, please click “Submit”.
  9. When your paper has been successfully submitted, a confirmation email will be sent automatically.
  10. If you want to revise submitted paper before the deadline, please go back to the website and submit again.

Please go to the online paper submission form.

The 8th Asian-Pacific Conference on Biomechanics