Water is the primary material for the biological activities. However, it is not well known about “water and life” scienticically. We are studying about the role of water in the biological activities.

Water and Cells

The aim of this subject is to reveal the role of water in the cell. For approaching to this issue, we study about the effect of water structurization on cellular activities by physical and chemical stimulations.


Cell Preservation

To keep the foods, we usually store them in the refregurator. The lowering temperature allows us to pressure the living cells for a long time. We study about the cell-preservation mechanisms to develop the universal protocol for the cells.




Clathrate hydartes have the cage structures constructed by water molecules, in which guest molecules are included, such as Methane Hydrate existing in the deep sea. This clathrate structure is considered as one of the key materials to understand the general anesthesia.



Water Science

In order to understand the water structurization, we study about the hydrophobic hydration properties through gas hydrate researches, and about water-gas interaction through micro-nano bubbles.