Research subjects

Graduates in 2016

Master Degree
Masayuki Koshiyama Bonding between SiAlON and heat-resistant alloys
Koichi Takahashi Fabrication and thermal conductivity measurement of carbon fiber and carbon nanotube oriented aluminum-based composites
Yoshiki Tsuruta Effects of competitive dendritic growth on transition of solidification mode in carbon steels
Bachelor Degree
Masayoshi Yamashita Effects of tie-line shift on microsegregation in Fe-C-Mn alloys
Hayato Sato Development of macrosegregation simulation model based on Lattice Boltmann Method
Shino Sakow Refinement of Fe intermetallic compound particles in recycled Al alloy using hot extrusion with heteromorphic die
Hiroto Kontani Fabrication of carbon fiber orientated Copper-based composite using hot extrusion and evaluation of its thermal conductivity
Yukimi Oka Estimation of heat transfer coefficient during casting processes based on data assimilation

Graduates in 2015

Master Degree
 Natsumi Oura  Analysis of crystallographic orientation of directionally-solidified austenite grains in hyperperitectic carbon steel
 Shinpei Ohyama  Phase-field simulations of formation behavior of coarse columnar grain structure by discontinuous grain growth
 Hazuki Sako  Research on spark plasma sintering of α- and β-SiAlON produced by combustion synthesis
Hiroaki Sato Transition of solidification mode in carbon steels
Kaho Tomita Structure refinement and ductility improvement by hot extrusion using a heteromorphic die with small holes
Bachelor Degree
 Yohei Okuda  Effects of Zn addition on preferential growth direction of Cu solid solution
 Daichi Kimura  Phase-field simulation of influence of solidification morphology on microsegregation
 Shota Saga  Fabrication of Mg-Li alloy / A2024 Al alloy composite by hot extrusion
Yuya Niizuma Formation process of austenite grains during inverse transformation from martensite structure in a hypoeutectoid carbon steel

Graduates in 2014

Doctor Degree
Zhang Xianguang Research on abnormal grain growth in reversely transformed austenite structure
Master Degree
Asher Hiro Goetz Combustion synthesis and surface chromizing of TiC-TiB2-Fe cermet
Yuusuke Nishimura Mechanical properties of extruded bars of rapidly solidified Al-Ni alloy powders
Keiji Haga Relationship between crystal growth direction and solidification condition during unidirectional solidification analyzed by phase-field simulation
Youhei Hoshi Effects of initial microstructure and heating rate on inversely transformed γ structure in hypoeutectoid steels
Masato Maruyama Formation condition of coarse columnar γ grain structure in hyper-peritectic carbon steels
Bachelor Degree
Masayuki Koshiyama Spark plasma sintering of Y-α-SiAlON and Ca-α-SiAlON and characterization
Koichi Takahashi Fabrication and thermal conductivity measurement of carbon fiber oriented aluminum based composites
Yoshiki Tsuruta Transition phenomenon of preferred growth direction of dendrites in Cu-Zn alloys

Graduates in 2013

Doctor Degree
Shingo Tsuchiya Formation mechanism of γ grain structures in as-cast carbon steels including viscosity behavior of the semi-solid steel
Master Degree
Wataru Ohnishi Refinement of inversely transformed austenite grain structure by controlling solidified structure in a steel with Ti addition
Yuuki Sasaki Austenite grain boundary mobility and its carbon concentration dependence in carbon steels
Daisuke Sato Phase-field analysis of pinning effects of dispersed particles on δ→γ transformation in carbon steel
Toko Tokunage Fabrication of Al-coated Mg alloy sheet and investigation of its tensile properties
Tomohiro Hayashi Ceramics coating on titanium by SPS method
Shigekazu Yamada Fabrication and characterization of aluminum-carbon composite
Bachelor Degree
Natsumi Oura Analysis of crystallographic orientations of fine and coarse columnar austenite grains in a peritectic solidified steel
Shinpei Ohyama Simulation analysis of inverse pinning phenomenon during abnormal grain growth
Hazuki Sako Spark plasma sintering of combustion-synthesized β-SiAlON powders and investigation of properties of the products
Hiroaki Sato Refinement of as-cast microstructure in austenite solidified carbon steels by Ti addition
Kaho Tomita Al coating of Mg-Li alloy by hot extrusion

Graduates in 2012

Master Degree
Jun Yu Combustion synthesis of TiC-TiB2 particle dispersed hard metal from elemental powders
Bachelor Degree
Taichi Maruyama Multi phase field simulation of thermal pining phenomenon
Masato Maruyama Conditions of formation of coarse columnar γ grain structure in 0.2 mass% carbon steel
Yohei Hoshi Effects of initial structure on inversely transformed γ grain structure in 0.2mass% carbon steel
Keiji Haga Transition of solidification mode and change of as-cast microstructure in a carbon steel by Mn addition
Yuusuke Nishimura Sintering of rapidly solidified Al-Ni alloy powder and its mechanical properties
Asher Hiro Goetz Combustion synthesis and mechanical properties of TiB2-SUS310L cermets

Graduates in 2011

Master Degree
Akira Oigawa Nickel aluminide coating on Fe-based alloys by micro TIG deposit welding
Muping Niu Mechanical properties of sintered Al-30mass%Ni alloy powder
Chihiro Murakimi Grain refinement behavior of inversely transformed austenite grain structure of Ti added steel
Tetsuya Yamaguchi Effects of Nb addition on as-cast and inversely transformed austenite grain structures in peritectic solidified steel
Bachelor Degree
Wataru Ohnish Effects of V addition on as-cast and inversely transformed γ grain structures in carbon steel
Yuuki Sasaki Simulation of Ti(C, N) precipitation in carbon steel using N-model
Daisuke Sato Multi phase field simulation of migration of δ/γ transformation interface affected by dispersed particles
Toko Tokunaga Al coating of Mg-based alloy by hot extrusion and its characteristics
Tomohiro Hayashi TiC coating of titanium by SPS method
Shigekazu Yamada Change in mechanical properties of Al-Si cast alloy due to plastic deformation

Graduates in 2010

Master Degree
Toshihisa Itoh Predictions of numbers of spheroidized graphite particles in cast iron based on thermal analysis
Tomohiro Tanaka Fabrication and characterization of corrosion resistant TiC-based cermets by combustion synthesis
Takuya Hamai Fabrication of high temperature and high strength Al-based alloy by SPS method
Bachelor Degree
Chihiro Murakami Effects of Ti addition on austenite grain size during inverse transformation in carbon steel
Akira Oigawa Iron aluminide coating on iron-based material by micro TIG welding process
Tetsuya Yamaguchi Analysis of solidification path with consideration of microsegregation in multi-component steels.
Ippei Ohtsuka Changes in grain size and mechanical properties of AZ80 magnesium alloy due to hot extrusion