Advanced ODS (Oxide Dispersion Strengthened) alloys

Investigation of α-γ reverse transformation of 9CrODS steels.
Control of recrystallization texture of ODS steels.
Joining technology development of ODS steels.
Hot-rolling and heat-treatment of 9CrODS steels
Impact fracture properties of 9CrODS steels
FP-corrosion and Liquid Metal Embrittlement (LME) of ODS steels
Development of Ni based ODS superalloys.
Development of Co based ODS superalloys.
Development of Nb based ODS superalloys.
Development of BDS (Bubble Dispersion Strengthened) alloys.

Irradiation Effects

Stability of oxide particles under irradiation
Theory of irradiation creep

Oxidation and Corrosion

Development of oxidation-resisted Nb basis alloys.
Effects of Phosphorus and sulfur on the oxide scale formation and its adhesion in low carbon steels.High-temperature carbonization of Hastelloy-X under environment simulating micro-gas-turbine combustion.
High-temperature oxidation in Fe-Cr-Al system.
Oxidation of Ni-Al-Pt alloys under steam and air environment.
Control of phase transformation in Al2O3 on Fe-Al and Ni-Al Alloys by various elements deposition.

Research Group of Energy Materials, Division of Materials Science and Engineering