Internship in 2016


Host: Curtin University
Period: 7/30-9/4
Participants: 1 from M1

Host: University of Wollongong
Period: 8/13-11/11
Participants: 1 from M1


Host: Technical University of Denmark
Period: 7/27-8/26
Participants: 1 from M1


Host: Technische Fachhochschule Georg Agricola
Period: 9/21-10/31
Participants: 1 from M1


Host:  National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Period: 6/11-8/2
Participants: 1 from M1


Host: Delft University of Technology
Period: 6/10-8/1
Participants: 1 from M1


Host: Universitas Hasanuddin
Period: 10/10-11/3
Participants: 1 from M1


Host: University of the Philippines
Period: 8/24-9/28
Participants: 1 from B3

South Africa

Host: IVANHOE Mines,  ITOCHU Corporation
Period: 9/4-9/28
Participants: 2 from M1


Period: 9/19-10/17
Participants: 1 from M1


Host: Chulalongkorn University
Period: 8/20-9/24
Participants: 2 from M1

United States of America

Host: Aqueous Solution LLC
Period: 9/3-10/9
Participants: 1 from M1

Host: Colorado School of Mines
Period: 8/5-9/30
Participants: 2 from M1


Host: Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City – University of Technology
Period: 8/13-9/17
Participants: 1 from M1

School on the Move (Thailand, Indonesia, and Japan)

Host: Chulalongkorn University, Gadjah Mada University, Kyushu University
Period: (overseas)7/27-8/9, (Japan)9/25-10/8
Participants: 2 from M1

 Summer School(Insonesia)

Host: Institut Teknologi Bandung
Period: 8/10-8/20
Participants: 2 from B3

2016 Exchange Seminar in Kyushu University

2016 Exchange Seminar in Kyushu University was held on December 5th – 14th, 2016.

12/5 Opening Address by Prof. Hideki Shimada
12/5-7 Lectures
– “Advanced Engineering Economy” by Prof. Kyuro Sasaki
– “Dealing with Uncertainty by Engineering Economy” by Prof. Kyuro Sasaki
– “Probabilistic Risk Analysis” by Prof. Kyuro Sasaki
– “Resources Management” by Dr. Yousefi Sahzabi Amin
12/8~10 International Symposium on Earth Science and Technology 2016 organized by CINEST
12/12-14 Lectures
– “Seismic Exploration for Underground Resources Exploration” by Assoc. Prof. Takeshi Tsuji
– “Hydrothermal Sea floor Mineral Resources” by Prof. Tetsuro Urabe
– ” CO2 Capture and Storage” by Dr. Yousefi Sahzabi Amin
12/14 Closing Address by Prof. Hideki Shimada

There are 11 participants from HU

Special Lecture by lecturers from the industry

We are going to have a special lecture by lecturers from the industry.

“Oil, gas and geothermal resources; from exploration to development”
*This lecture is composed of three part.

Lecturer: Dr. Akihisa Takahashi (Executive Officer/ General Manager, Business Solution Office, Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd.)
Date and Time: October 31st (Mon.) 10:30-12:00,13:00-14:30,14:45-16:15
Classroom: Academic Lounge 3, Faculty of Engineering
Lecture title: Future of oil and natural gas from the view point of exploration and development

Lecturer: Dr. Mineyuki Hanano (Fellow at Japan Metals & Chemicals Co., Ltd.,)
Date and Time: November 7th (Mon.) 10:30-12:00,13:00-14:30,14:45-16:15
Classroom: Academic Lounge 3, Faculty of Engineering
Lecture titile: Geothermal Energy: from Exploration to Power Development

③Summary and Examination
Lecturer: Specially Appointed Prof. Toru Mogi
Date and Time: November 14th (Mon.) 10:30-12:00,14:45-16:15
Classroom: Academic Lounge 3, Faculty of Engineering

*These are elective class for graduate students; but attending without credit is also welcome.
*Please DO NOT register this course without further announcement.

To attend this special lecture series, please contact JPSRE office with following information: Name, Academic year, Student Number, Credit-needed or not
DEADLINE: October 20th (Thu.)

JPSRE office:

Special Lecture by Prof. Craig M. Bethke

We are going to have an intensive lecture course by Craig M. Bethke, Professor Emeritus, Department of Geology at the University of Illinois in United State.

Date and Time: October 11th(Tue.)~14th(Fri.),17th(Mon.)~19th(Web.)
5th class 16:30~18:00
Classroom:C207, Faculty of Engineering
Lecturer:Craig M. Bethke (Professor Emeritus, Department of Geology at the University of Illinois in United State. )
Lecture title:Geochemical Modeling Intensive Lecture
– Multicomponent chemistry of natural waters (2 lectures)
– Redox disequilibrium in natural waters
– Chemical buffers in the environment
– Deep waste injection wells
– Geothermometry
– The thermodynamic ladder in geomicrobiology

*This is 1 credit course for Resources and Environmental Engineering Management
(資源環境工学マネージメント) for graduate students from Sustanable Resources Engineering division
*Please DO NOT register this course without further announcement.

If you are interested in this course, please e-mail JPSRE office with following information.
Deadline: September 27th (Tue.)
– Name
– Academic year
– Laboratory
– E-mai address
– Wether you own a windows laptop or not

JPSRE office:

2016 Exchange Seminar in HU was successfully closed!

2016 Exchange Seminar, which was held from on June 27th to on July 5th, was successfully closed.

6/27 Opening Ceremony
6/28-30 Special lecture by Prof. Serkan Saydam from UNSW, Australia “Mine Design and Feasibility”
6/28-29 Special lecture by Prof. Toru Mogi from HU ”Fundamental Concepts of Geophysical Survey”
7/1 Field Trip to Toyoha Mining
7/4 International Group discussion
7/5 International Group discussion, Presentations, Closing

Participants numbers:
16 from Hokkaido University
10 from Kyushu University
10 from Curtin University

In this year, students from Curtin University in Australia joined this seminar as well as students from Hokkaido and Kyushu University.