The goal of the Applied Chemistry program is to provide students with knowledge and skills that are valued and sought by the chemical industry. This goal is achieved through three consecutive educational programs: general, course and research. The general education program provides fundamental knowledge that is necessary for understanding the links between science, technology, society and nature, involving a wide range of topics: chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics and information science, as well as social science, human science and foreign languages. This general program lasts for one and a half years. Students then choose one of three course programs: applied chemistry, applied physics or materials engineering. Applied chemistry provides students with a basic knowledge of chemical engineering, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biochemistry and bioengineering, as well as lab studies. This course program also lasts for one and a half years. The fourth year is spent exclusively on research. Each student joins one of twenty different research laboratories where the student independently investigates a specific topic or problem in modern applied chemical research under the direction of faculty members. The research program provides students with skills in applying their basic knowledge to the solution of scientific and real-life industrial problems and also fosters self-awareness, personal growth, and a desire for life-long learning through research experience.

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Division of Chemical Process Engineering
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