Practical English for Science and Engineering E

Spring and Summer Quarters 2019

This class will be taught in English for e3 (English Engineering Education Program) students. If you are not an e3 student, click here to learn about your course.

This intensive lecture program is equivalent to a subject at the Graduate School of Engineering (two credits will be given).

Target of the Program

Acquiring the skills necessary for submitting English papers and making convincing presentations at academic meetings and international conferences by improving students’ ability to write technical papers and make oral presentations in English.

Course Plan

First intensive lecture April 27 Sat. 10:00am-4:00pm
“How to write technical English papers,”
Lecture by Dr. Elizabeth Webeck of Tohoku University.
Students acquire the skills necessary to write clear English papers by learning the structure of English papers, paragraph construction and expressions suitable for academic papers. Instructions are also given on grammatical items commonly used in English papers. Students will do exercises in class.

Second intensive lecture May 18 Sat. 10:00am-4:00pm
“How to refine technical English papers and make oral presentations in English”
Lecture by Dr. Elizabeth Webeck of Tohoku University.
Based on the knowledge gained in the first intensive lecture, students learn how to improve their own papers, as well as how to construct oral English presentations and prepare effective slide material. Instructions are also given on English expressions and set phases useful for easy-to-understand oral presentations and Q&A sessions. Students must submit reports based on their in-class practice. (Details are to be announced at the time of the lecture.)

First intensive presentation practice session *to be held on Saturday
By making an English presentation themselves, students can learn how to make a clear presentation focussing especially on its logical content and structure. They can also gain skills to capture audience attention and learn effective English expressions useful in presentations.

Second intensive presentation practice session *to be held on Saturday
Based on the first presentation practice session, each student makes a second English presentation to learn how to make their presentations more convincing and effective.

*The intensive presentation practice is to be conducted in a small class of ten or so.
Presentation practice sessions are given entirely in English by lecturers (native English speakers).
*The intensive presentation practice sessions are conducted twice on Saturdays between June and July.
Class A, B June 1 and June 15 9:00am-5:00pm
Class C, D June 29 and July 20 9:00am-5:00pm

Conditions for admission

An English ability test is conducted for the selection and placement of students.
The number of students is limited to 40 due to restrictions on the number of classes for the intensive presentation practice sessions.
Doctoral students of the Graduate School of Engineering, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology and Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering (those under the tuition of the teaching staff of the Faculty of Engineering) are preferentially selected.
Students must submit reports at the end of intensive lectures.

Credits are not given to students failing to attend all the lectures and practice sessions.

Important dates

(1) 6:00 P.M., Friday, April 5 at Open Hall
(2) 12:15 P.M., Monday, April 8 at L-200
(3) 6:15 P.M., Wednesday, April 10 at L-200

Application Deadline at noon on Thursday, April 11 applications for both enrollment and audit must be submitted no later than noon.


You can audit intensive lectures to be held on April 13 and May 11. In that case, however, no credit will be given. If you wish to audit these lectures, please submit the application form to the CEED Office by noon on April 11.

Tests dates

Students are to take the English tests conducted by the CEED before and after taking the CEED courses. Tests dates are as follows and students must choose one date from both before the course. The test dates will be announced in April.


Application form for enrollment and audit: ①PDF Format ②Word Format

Submit the application form to the CEED Office
Room L-200 Extension 7163 E-mail: