Overseas Intern Acceptance (for Academic Staff at HU)

Information on overseas intern acceptance support

The Center for Engineering Education Development(CEED), Hokkaido University Faculty of Engineering provides support for the acceptance of overseas intern as a part of academic operations.
CEED office has been in charge of all about the acceptance of interns since 2016.



Support conditions and contents

Eligible candidates Applicants must be a student who enrolled in regular course at any Universities outside Japan currently and after this internship program.
Eligible staff Teaching staff (professors and associate professors) in the Faculty of Engineering and the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology.
Acceptance negotiations For the moment, acceptance negotiations should be conducted directly between host teaching staff and interns.
Training programs Training themes should be deemed to be academic and beneficial for both interns and lab students in terms of educational research.
Internship period Approximately from one month to six month
Support contents ○Issue acceptance letter
Export control
Application for VISA
Arrange for general supports in HU by lab mates
○Financial support
As a part of living expenses up to for 2 months including a house rent will be provided for those interns who come from our partner Universities and come HU as a “special Auditors”.
(course title: Internship Ⅰ(Graduate School)/Internship Ⅱ(School of Engineering))
※Currently we don’t provide any financial support except those who are students of our partner Universities.
Screening If there are many applicants, the number of interns and budget allocated for the financial support will be determined through the screening at a management meeting in the Center.
Others Application for the acceptance of interns should be made at the Academic Affairs Section in the Faculty of Engineering or the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, and the approval of acceptance should be gained at the Board of Representatives.

Application method

Teaching staff are requested to fill in the form “Acceptance plan” and “Prior confirmation sheet” downloaded from the CEED website, and submit it to the CEED office.

*Acceptance plan(docx 20KB) *Acceptance plan(pdf 43KB)

*Prior confirmation sheet(xlsx 31KB)(Pages for on-campus browsing only) *Prior confirmation sheet(PDF 120KB)(Pages for on-campus browsing only)

*Acceptance of overseas interns in accordance with the Security Export Control System(PDF 244KB)(Pages for on-campus browsing only)

Apart from the above, CEED can assist you in finding accommodation (using HU dormitory for overseas students) and obtaining Japan Visa.
reference:*Outline of HU dormitories(PDF 234KB)
reference:*Japan Visa (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)

Where to submit or inquiries

CEED Industry-Academia Collaborative Program
Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University
Tel. : 011-706-7163 (ex.7163)
E-mail : ceed-ind@eng.hokudai.ac.jp