[e-Learning] We added new courses !

Dear CEED’s e-Learning system users.

Today, we added new courses to e-Learning system.

Read carefully the “System User Manual (for student)” before applying.

See the latest list of broadcast courses on the web page.

*The application procedure for credit recognition has been changed since 2015 academic year.
For further details, see the “Credit Recognition Using e-Learning Materials.”

We look forward to receiving your application!

★ New Courses ★
Laser Spectroscopy (Division of Applied Physics)
Advanced Eco-Materials (Division of Materials Science and Engineering)
Computational Fluid Mechanics (Division of Mechanical and Space Engineering) *1
Image Processing (Subject Group of Mechanical and Intelligent System Engineering) *2
Media Creation Methodology (Division of Media and Network Technologies)
Bioinformatics and Data Analysis (Department of Electronics and Information Engineering) *3
Exercise on Technical English (Department of Mechanical and Intelligent System Engineering, School of Engineering) *1*4

*1 Added videos.
*2 Added caption.
*3 Coming soon.
*4 This courses can only be viewed by students who are attending regular face-to-face classes for this academic year.