【CEED制作オープン教材】「Sanitation Education Program」に講義動画を追加しました。

Sanitation Education Program 150406

Sanitation Education Program 150406

CEED制作オープン教材「Sanitation Education Program」で新たに2本の講義動画を公開しました。
【Social Aspect】Integrated Water Resources Management and World Water Policy
Lecturer : Associate Prof. Takako NABESHIMA, Hokkaido University

【The Case Study】Community-based Total Sanitation in Indonesia: Policy and Experiences
Lecturer : Dr. Neni Sintawadani, Indonesian Institute of Sciences


■ 概要 ■
工学研究院 船水尚行教授率いる「資源回収型サニテーションモデル開発研究プロジェクト」

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■ 教材構成 ■(4月以降順次公開予定)
●Introduction (3 lectures)
 Key Words: Water, Sanitation, Engineering, Value System, Religion, Poverty Cycle

●Social Aspect (4 lectures)
 Key Words: Policy, Tradition, Finance, Business Model, Integrated Water Resource Management

●Technical Aspect (5 lectures)
 Key Words: Composting Toilet, Grey Water Reclamation, Agriculture Reuse Technology

●Human (3 lectures)
 Key Words: Pathogen, Health Risk, Quality Of Life

●The Case Study (3 lectures)
 -Burkina Faso (Rural area)
 -Indonesia (Urban slum)
 -Zambia (Peri-urban area)

●Summary (1 lectures)

Our project is composed of researchers of Hokkaido University (Japan), The Indonesian Institute of Sciences, 2iE International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering (Burkina Faso) and University of Zambia Integrated Water Resources Management Centre and supported by JSPS(Japan Society for The Promotion of Science).